Why You Should Be @ Living Stones Church This Sunday

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Living Stones Church, Preaching, vision, worship

1.  To hear about perhaps one of the best opportunities we’ve ever had to impact some kids on the South Side *gang symbol flash* of South Bend at the Miami Hills apartments.  Starting a summer day camp called RECESS.  I thought maybe we could pull it off by next summer…but after God opened many doors and some hard work out of the office…and with your participation…it seems to be a doable reality THIS SUMMER!!

2.  Last opportunity to sign-up for our April 10th Baptismal Celebration.  The New Testament knows no concept of an unbaptized Christian.  If you are following Jesus but haven’t been baptized, or can’t remember your baptism – APRIL 10TH is your time!!

3.  Second week of Growth Group sign-ups!!!  If you haven’t signed up yet, go to the website www.livingstones.cc and do so!!  Lots of great offerings this semester.  OR – check the connection card sign-up on Sunday!!

4.  We are continuing our study of Song of Songs (chapter 6:11-8:4).  This section is hot.  Remember our PG12 rating.  If your kids don’t know where babies come from…they will if you let them hear this message.

5.  The opening song is by Air Supply.  Yes…you read that correctly.


  1. lori says:

    ummm….I would be there, but I am not willing to leave the 85 degree weather here in Florida just yet 🙂

  2. Bob Wiley says:

    Sam, I think you should consider publishing a study guide along with this series on CD. It would be great for PreMarital and Post Marital relatlionship.

  3. david says:

    14 days and counting since last post…

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