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The Mystery of the Cross

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

“But this is your hour when darkness reigns.” – Jesus (Luke 22:53b)

But it will not have the final word.

A new dawn and a new hour will break in three days.

Easter Egg Hunt

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Living Stones Church, vision

When:  THIS Saturday (April 23rd) @ 1:00 p.m.

Where:  Living Stones Church

Who:  Kids ages 2 year olds – 4th grade – with a special invitation to the kids at Miami Hills Apartments

Why:  To have a blast with candy!!!!!!!  To provide an opportunity to share our RECESS summer day camp (another blog post of detail coming) with the kids from Miami Hills.

How:  We will have registration and then separate sections for different age brackets (to insure safety and equality for the little ones).  Each kid will be given a color-coded basket (so they know what section to be in) and at the whistle will be allowed to fill their basket to the brim!

The Easter Bunny will be there as well!!  See you Saturday afternoon.

South Bend GOP Stinks

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Politics, South Bend

First – you have to understand that I consider myself to be a fierce Independent when it comes to politics.  In fact, I’m more Contrarian than I am Independent – meaning I root against whatever party seems to have all the power (I’m rebellious like that).  But one thing I do believe – a city dominated by a single party (like South Bend) is TERRIBLE for the city.  And unfortunately, South Bend has been dominated by the Democratic party forever (slight hyperbole…but almost true).

Then, after being the longest-serving mayor in South Bend, Steven Luecke decides to retire.  What an opportunity!!  This is it!!  A chance for maybe another party (like the Republicans) to stage a campaign that might actually address the issues of South Bend and put forth a worthy candidate whose record, message, and ability would win the chance for an alternative party to lead the executive wing of South Bend governance.

What does the St. Joseph Republican Party do?  Well…to start, the chairman, Chris Riley resigns in February.  Probably because under his leadership he failed to put forth a single viable candidate.  Has anyone been reading in the Tribune the comments and coverage of the three Republican candidates:  Will Taylor, Wayne Curry, and William Davis!!!???  I’ll give Wayne Curry props for at least showing up last night at a GOP forum at IUSB (the only Republican to do so).  But come on!!!

This entire scene is a practical joke on South Bend fitting only for a candid camera episode.

Thanks a lot GOP for insuring we get more single party rule in South Bend!!!

This Sunday is EASTER!!  You know…the celebration of the climax and pinnacle of our faith story where Jesus rises from the dead!!!  And celebration we will do indeed.  We also begin a new three-week message series entitled Letting Go.

Special Easter times are as follows:  9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and noon.  

Rent a van and bring as many people as you can!!  See you then!

I thought this article was well written and timely.

For parents who forgot that their role is to be a parent, and not your kids BFF, I give you…


I use to dread April 15th.  Not because taxes are due (as if that wasn’t bad enough), but because it marks the the darkest and worst day of my life.  But thirteen years later it has become a day of thanksgiving.

Thirteen years ago we were told that our only son (at the time) who wasn’t even two years old had Wilm’s Tumor.  It is a rare form of kidney cancer.  Within days he had his right kidney removed and began chemotherapy.  The doctors gave us great hope and encouraged us with success rates and percentages.  But…it is still cancer.  So, we were overwhelmed with worry and fear.

I had always kept a journal.  It went silent on April 15th, 1998.  I didn’t record another entry until the following year.  My prayer life tanked as well.  Not because I was angry or upset with God.  I just didn’t have much more to say beyond “help!”   I didn’t sleep well for months.  I had images perpetually flood into my brain that were horrific in regards to the future.  And then there were the follow-up chest x-rays and ultrasounds and its accompanying fear (*note to doctors, nurses, and lab technicians – anxiety-filled parents read into every facial expression, eyebrow twitch, whispered conversation and nuance of behavior the fate of their child.)

And then…God rescued.  He healed our son, Isaac.  He got better.  And now he is a freshman in high school.  He is taller than me (not that that is a huge accomplishment).  And he is healthy.

So now April 15th marks an anniversary of rescue and healing.  And I’m thankful.

I don’t know if any parent will find this blog after googling Wilms Tumor because their child has just been diagnosed with the same thing.  But if so, I wanted to post this for you.  Because in the midst of my fear, I cherished stories of healing with children who had been diagnosed with the same thing.  So, if you are here let me say – there is hope.  There is healing.  You will sleep again.  Thirteen years later, I can speak to the reality of hope realized.  God’s peace and protection to you in the midst of it.

This past Sunday we witnessed 21 Living Stoners get baptized!!  It was a most excellent day.  In case you missed it, I wanted to post the testimony video Doug Harsch put together for us so you can see it (or if you already saw it and want to see it again!).  Don’t forget to be praying for – Lana, Yolanda, Josh, Shannon, Boni, Scott, Michael, Terri, Jennifer, Arika, Rebekah, Michele, Shay, Judy, Jeff, Sasha’, Kayla, Sheri, Rachel, Anthony, and Brenda!!