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I saw this for the first time this morning.  “Grandpa’s going to look like a baby.”

Someone PLEASE tell me that the SUM total of Christianity isn’t what we see on Sunday morning for an hour and fifteen minutes!  TELL me this isn’t it!  TELL me the Christian life isn’t reduced to simply gathering once a week with people who have the same preference in worship style and in whom you have varying degrees of acquaintance.  Please.  Tell me this isn’t it.

It isn’t.

We’ll discus why over the next two weeks in our new series – Tangible Kingdom!  See you Sunday 9:30, 11:30 am, or 5:30 pm.

For over a week now the Living Stones Church leadership has been asking questions about our Growth Groups/small groups and wrestling to answer some of the questions.  We did briefly last night at our monthly leadership meeting.  Then this morning…I had an epiphany!!

So…what do you do when Depeche Mode comes to an end?  You begin a virtual choir online with over 2000 people!!  That is what Eric Whitacre is doing.  It is unbelievable!! And soothing… 🙂  You can read about all the details here.