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Posted: July 18, 2011 in Living Stones Church, Relationships, South Bend, vision

I want to share with you something that has been going on at the Living Stones Church over the past four weeks that I am SO PROUD of.  Months ago we had the idea of having a summer day camp for kids at the Miami Hills Apartments ages preschool-4th grade.  Quite honestly, I thought we didn’t have enough time to pull off such a feat and I was thinking more like next year.  But others pushed for this summer and God opened up doors – quickly!  Monroe Primary Center was a huge help to us.  The South Bend Community School Corporation helped us be approved as a free lunch & breakfast site (meaning SBSC provides us with breakfast and lunch for each kid), Stanley Clark School graciously allowed us to use their green space property, Meredith Waltman stepped forward to be our Program Director, four phenomenal counselors stepped up to serve ALL EIGHT WEEKS, and an army of the best volunteers in the world said they would make this happen.

And more than half way through, they have!  It has been an incredible experience.  And I am so proud!!!!

I’m proud of Meredith Waltman who has done an outstanding job leading the entire program.  This position calls for more than just loving kids.  You have to love kids, coordinate and manage volunteers, serve as the point for all parental contact and communication, put out fires, shift things on a moment’s notice, have a “voice” that carries, and bear the largest burden for the workings of 50+ kids (largest day I think was 67 kids) on our property at any given time.  This is where Meredith belongs.  She found her voice and is phenomenal.  Should she ever need a recommendation, I’m writing her a glowing one!!

I’m proud of our camp counselors – Dwayne Walding, Mike Michell, Kristen LaFollette, and Tytannia Hopkins.  We gave them the option of support raising among their friends and family with our help and recommendation.  A few did.  Very minimally.  Most are simply GIVING eight weeks of their summer to spend six hours a day to serve at RECESS.  That is incredible!!!  And they are doing a phenomenal job.

I’m also proud of Jennae Gee who has been our point within the office staff to execute RECESS and was the primary voice to say we (and God) can do this…THIS SUMMER!!!  She was right.  (Jennae…note that somewhere, I don’t say that often…there you go…).  In addition, Amy Osterhout, our children’s minister, invested a great deal of time putting together curriculum, and coordinating supplies and stations.

I’m also proud of a ton of volunteers (many of whom don’t even go to Living Stones but heard what we were doing in the community and wanted to participate).  Some of our volunteers took a week vacation to serve every day for a week.  Some are serving one day (or more) a week for eight weeks.  Others are volunteering as they have time.  A few, Diane Barrington (my mom), and Josh Silk stepped up big time to play a very vital leadership role with our preschoolers and are doing great.  And a handful, have served EVERY DAY out of the generosity of their heart and time – Michael Leitz, Jonathan Gritton, and Ashlynn Walding.

I’m also proud of the Living Stones Church for their generosity to pull this off.  Many, because of their work schedules, simply aren’t able to volunteer at a day camp.  But they stepped up and “sponsored a child” for $120 and gave generously to insure we had the supplies and resources necessary to execute RECESS.

God has been good.  We are learning a lot (I’ll post later what it is that we are learning).  And we trust by faith that we are making a difference (as small as it might be) in the lives of the children, at Miami Hills, and in our community at large.  Our hearts have grown as we see the faces of these children and it moves us want to do more.

To the Living Stones Church, on behalf of a very proud and grateful Pastor…thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you.

Here are some pictures of our day camp thus far:

  1. Kneip says:

    So awesome. We are also proud… from afar.

  2. Just one more time/reason that I wish we were still located in SB and part of LSC. 🙂 So very proud of the church there AND my sisters (Jennae/Mere).

  3. Lori says:

    I LOVE LSC!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!! 🙂

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