Where is Rick Mecklenburg

Posted: July 18, 2011 in South Bend
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Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, Bobby Fischer, Rick Mecklenburg.

People who have famously disappeared.

Where is Rick Mecklenburg?  I bet he would have seen the thunderstorm coming this morning.  Didn’t hear the prediction from any other meterologist in Michiana.

Come on WSBT?  Where is he?  What did you do with the body?

Just sayin’.  🙂

  1. Josh Gobel says:

    WSBT posted on their FB page that he is no longer employed and they can’t comment any further. They also got blasted in about 300 comments about why they wouldn’t comment, when they air everyone elses business on the news. I’m sure somethin gwill eventually trickle out.

  2. Mindy Hart says:

    everyone knows mike hoffman is better than mecklenburg anyway. 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    Tip: When your favorite reporter or anchor goes missing, go to the station’s Web site and see if his/her bio is available. If it isn’t, they quit or were fired.

  4. loraine perkins says:

    What is the big secret? We hear all the trash about everyone else. Why not this?

  5. been there says:

    My husband and I couldn’t personally stand him. Several years ago at the Elkhart Air show when their Hummer weather vehicle debuted, Rick was there. My husband was very interested in learning some things and Rick was a real jerk, didn’t want to talk, too busy. Says a lot about a person when they can’t even talk to the folks that watch.

  6. Nigel says:

    I never really liked him either. Yes, Mike Hoffman is much better!

  7. Roger W Risner says:

    Come on WSBT at least tell us what happened to our favorite Michiana weather man, I really miss the repour between Rick, Debra and especially Cindy.

  8. Kirk says:

    I too liked Rick…. we need to dig deeper on this…. hhhmmm maybe WNDU’s web site has the story?

  9. Gordon says:

    Have lived in SB for 16 years, coming from Chicago. For the life if me, cannot understand why personalities (seems both TV and radio) leaving jobs from around here is such a big secret. In Chicago, the Sun-Times’ former correspondent, Robert Feder, had a weekly column on what was going on in Chicago media. Oh yeah, and if a personality that had left the Chicago area few years before was on the move again, he would even note that. (Very much miss his column.) But again, why is this town so secretive??? (And by the way, former Fox28 morning gal Elisha Oesch is in Madison, WI; former (for a short time) Channel 22 correspondent Megan Baldino went back to Alaska; former WRBR air personality Joe Turner can be found weekends on smoothjazznow.com)

  10. Lee says:

    I’m curious about what happened to him also! Since the WSBT reporters won’t report on the story; perhaps WNDU will!

  11. Ken says:

    WSBT dosen’t have e-mail anymore. I watch WSBT all the time I like the station. But I guess their saying “don’t contact us !”

  12. biff gunderson says:

    Someone at WSBT told me that he broke into another TV new persons email account and sent out some “not so nice” emails. Another weird bone-headed thing to do.

  13. Guest says:

    He was caught using someone elses email account and sending emails without their premission.

  14. Grneyedgoddss says:

    Ask the wife why he left…….he is in a relationship with someone else, but never mentions who this person is. Maybe he violated a Moral Clause in his contract with WSBT.
    A morals clause is a provision in a contract or official document that prohibits certain behavior in a person’s private life. They deal with behavior such as sexual acts and drug use. They were commonly used in the contract between actors/actresses and film studios to uphold the public image sought to be portrayed by the studio. Morals clauses are included today in certain contracts of public figures, such as athletes, actors/actresses, and others. A morals clause may also be made part of a judgment for divorce or marital dissolution, typically preventing unmarried cohabitation or overnight guests of the opposite sex while children are present.
    You may think you “know” someone…but their lifestyle is quite opposite of what you think or “see”.
    Just sayin’

  15. Gordon says:

    Where, oh where, has our Lindsey Sablan gone? Oh where oh where can she be? But this is South Bend and they won’t tell you…oh where oh where can she be? And by the way, how come Fox28 cannot keep morning female anchors???

  16. matt says:

    where has rick gone to

  17. Biff, I think that is a different Rick Mecklenburg getting into
    another person’s email or the same Rick but A LONG TIME AGO.

    I found the website you were referring to and that was from 1994!


    However, I too am wondering WHAT HAPPENED TO RICK!
    Did he tell us good bye and I missed it?

  18. Grneyedgoddss, Rick’s wife and children left him quite awhile ago and
    moved to Tennessee…that was why he
    was so depressed and the police and drinking incident awhile back.

    IF he is divorced, he has the right to date and tohave a relationship with
    another woman. True?

  19. Sandy says:

    I think he was very likeable,wish he was still on WSBT. I almost don’t want to watch that new’s cast anymore. Erik suck’s (no offense)

  20. Marty says:

    I heard that it’s not a woman, but a man he is having a relationship with

  21. Yikes! Where did you hear THAT, Marty?

  22. cw says:

    He got divorced wife moved away with kids. I am sure this was very hard on him. He probably needs time.

  23. john says:

    why dont you people get a life

  24. Mark says:

    Rick showed up doing the weather here in Grand Rapids this week on Fox-17.

  25. matt says:

    has rick mecklenberg really joined fox 17 weather team in grand rapids

  26. peg says:

    My daughter just called me from Grand Rapids; Rick Mecklenberg is the new weathr guy for Fox News Channel 17 in Michigan. Go icky!!!

  27. Craig Bogue says:

    He is now on Fox17 WXMI in Grand Rapids MI. I just saw him on the news here.

  28. matt says:

    i sent a email to wxmi on aug 29 and they replyed back that rick is only filling in for peter chan while he is on medical leave then rick will be going back to south bend

  29. aero56Linda says:

    Perhaps it is his personal lifestyle.

  30. aero56Linda says:

    He is divorced. It is strongly rumored that he has partnered up with a male friend.

  31. Pat says:

    Just found Rick! He is on Fox 17, Grand Rapids, MI

  32. tomm says:

    I thought everyone knew that Rick had to get out of town in the middle of the night after Abby and Cari filed paternity suits agaist him. [Just Kidding]

  33. matt says:

    does any one know the exact reason why rick is no longer employeed with wsbt?
    he nor wsbt has came out and said nothing about it.

  34. Guest says:

    He got in trouble once and was forgiven, and put on probation. He did something again and then they said goodbye! I heard he went to Tennessee.

  35. Sandy says:

    Who cares what John thinks, I sure don’t.

  36. Katrina says:

    I saw him walking on the IUSB campus a week ago. I wanted to say hi to him but I didn’t want to seem like a stalker. LOL He was a funny man.

  37. CW says:

    Rick got fired due to his alcohol problem. They wont admit it but the rumors got to severe about his same-sex relationship with a local school principal. That’s why his wife left him. And YES, he is very arrogant, another problem they had with him. Very demanding and got too difficult to work with. Lots of those with whom he worked with.

  38. CW says:

    Lots of those with whom he worked with were tired of his arrogance.

  39. matt says:

    hey cw do you know this for sure or are you making this stuff up,cause if your making it up that is not good on your part.

  40. CW says:

    Matt.. I am employed at WSBT.

  41. matt says:

    hey cw wont you get in touble for for letting the cat out of the bag at work?, why did wsbt not explain it. but you can

  42. CW says:

    Matt.. you ask too many questions!

  43. matt says:

    hey cw a person can not ask to many questions, asking questions gets you to the truth

  44. taddley says:

    wow b.c I know rick and I know what really happend and where he is.. reading all of this really makes me laugh lol

  45. matt says:

    hey taddley what really happened with rick and wsbt,wsbt sure is not the same without rick
    have not heard from rick or wsbt about why is no longer there

  46. Barbara says:

    We miss Rick Mecklenburg very much. We wish him the best. At the WSBT-TV Open House, he had our picture taken (my husband and myself) with him and his “buddy” Cindy, and then sent me the photo by email. He was so personable and helpful to us that day. We felt like we knew him forever. Very disappointed that we do not see him on TV any more. Where is he now? Still in Grand Rapids?
    Thanks and Good Luck, Rick!

  47. Carolyn says:

    Sure miss Ricks weather forecasting. He was much better than anyone else on any of these local stations.

  48. Edie says:

    Still miss Rick. Is the CW posting earlier Cindy Ward?

  49. matt says:

    i see wsbt hired a new chief of weather, his name paul emmick, and he looks like rick mecklenberg, i guess he is from kentucky and from the weather channel

  50. Mary says:

    Rick is teaching weather forecast at IUSB next semester.

  51. Jerry says:

    I don’t care what happened to Rick. His life is his own. But he was the second worst weather person in South Bend.

  52. matt says:

    hey jerry if rick was the 2nd worst weather person in south bend who was 1st

  53. Edie says:

    Jerry, Rick was the BEST weather personality on the air in South Bend, just sayin’!
    I now live in beautiful Santa FE NM, and the weather never changes. Always windy, usually
    snowy, bright blue skies, cold as crap at nite and toasty during the day. Don’t even need to catch a weather forecast.

  54. Beth says:

    I too miss Rick. He is my favorite weather guy. I wish him well in whatever he chooses to do. It is not the same without him.

  55. mspima48 says:

    He started saying some not so nice things about the producer on air, quickly went to commercial and when it came back on, he was gone, fired.

  56. ellie says:

    Haven’t seen any follow up comments. I always thought it was because the charges he had this summer for false police reporting of his vehicle being hit by an “imaginary” car on his street!! He also apologized later on the news, stating alcohol was his problem. I had heard years ago that his current wife(with whom he has a small child with) was someone he had an affair with while married to his first wife. Whatever.

  57. Rick Mecklenburg says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all your posts. None of them, however, are even close to accurate. That said, I realize this is the internet and people can post whatever they want. I am not allowed to discuss the reasons I am no longer with WSBT. If you know the real reason, hit me up, because the agreement I signed states that neither I nor WSBT can comment on it– and if they did, I have a lot of money coming my way!

  58. Edie says:

    Hey Rick if it’s really you leaving this post, know that I care not why you are no longer at WSBT. Just want to know that you are safe, happy, productive and making others laugh the way you did me!

  59. anon says:

    Rick was a flaming Homo who liked college / high school boys and was a raging alcoholic. I’ve seen him at parties and witnessed this truth myself. So Mecklenburg if you are on this site, suck it!

  60. Edie says:

    OMG, what did Rick Mecklenburg ever do to you to bring you to a point of rage?
    Maybe didn’t suck yours!

  61. For goodness sake…get a life! I had no idea that this blog post would EVER get such attention. Go on. Move on!!! Rick doesn’t work for WSBT anymore. Wish him well. Let him move on. YOU move on. The fascination and interest in this story has moved well beyond anything that is normal and right. I never intended for this to be a gossip blog. I posted this as a humorous observation. And it has turned into a feud – even within WSBT. Come on! Seriously! Move on. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a blog posting more than this one.

  62. Edie says:

    SAM I AM
    I had been out of the state of Indiana for a few months, returned; and Rick was gone.
    I happened to enjoy his meterological savvy so I checked online to see where he was;
    hopefully, another local station. In doing so, I found your website.
    You started the blog, you posted on it; then you want to go nuts because people
    were “blogging.” I am so sorry I wasted my time with your crap blog site. I am so outta
    here, goofus!

  63. Edie…I think, based on your perpetual “refreshing” of this blog post…maybe it is best of you to be “so outta here.” Goofus!

  64. Tiff says:

    Hm. You miss Rick.. Does anyone who says that really know the guy ?
    He cheated on his wife with my exboyfriend.
    He was under 21 at the time, and he used to take him into his basement to have drinks with him.
    He’d fuck around with him when he was drunk.
    Hitting on him, making out with him, touch him.
    My exes friends were there, too.
    I’m glad he got fired.

    Cheating whore.

  65. Dave says:

    If you are really interested in what happened to Rick, he got fired after bad mouthing WSBT online. After using up his vacation time in 2011, and being denied time off to see his kids, he went online and said some not so nice things about his now former employer. You always have to watch your back in anything that you say or do… it can always come back to bite you in the butt. Also, if you were wondering, yes he did swing to men.

  66. larry says:

    you know this guy dave is a unfeeling piece of shit an as for wsbt they fired him because he spoke his mind it was probably all true what rick said who ever fired him what a fucking pussy its his right to free speech fire me mother fucker ill tell ya like rick should of you fired the best wheather man in the whole area good luck rick an tell wsbt to burn in hell

  67. lrose says:

    I know for a fact that Rick cheated on his wife with a man. True he probably misses his son and daughter but that is the price he paid when he chose to be a selfish bastard. The news station where he presently works will quickly discover what a DIVA he is to work with and regret hiring him. Rick can deny it all he wants but those who know the truth about his life will always have the last laugh. I am so glad he is off the air in Michiana!!!

  68. Rick Mecklenburg says:

    Hey guys– if you still read this, let me fill you in on Irose (Ivy Rose on Facebook, real name Nancy Murton). She weighs about 700 pounds and is completely unhappy with her life. She started a page against me that got like 7 people to like it. She has, for some reason, been spreading lies about me for years. If I were her, I might keep closer tabs on her spouse…. just sayin’….

  69. KG says:

    Rick tried to hit on my friend John Joldersma on Facebook… unless someone hacked his account, I have the screen saver shot photo to prove it. So, yes he’s probably experimenting with his sexuality to say the least. Good for him. Hope it works out. I also hope he gets his stuff straight if indeed it’s true his kids moved away. That has to be awful.

  70. Unknown says:

    Rick is a pervert plain and simple. He is open to the point of being creepy, he gave me his cell number on facebook, and I called him not knowing what to expect. The man is creepy beyond words and wanted me to visit him in Grand Rapids. A tool and a pervert are the words are the best way to describe this man.

    -A sadly informed reader

  71. Rick Mecklenburg says:

    Isn’t it odd that the last three people to post about me did it in the last two months, when this thread was pretty much dead? Let me explain it to you: my ex-wife is trying to trap me into something, and it didn’t work. Irose is a friend of hers (Nancy Murton), KG (Kelley Garvey) is a plant, and “Unknown” CALLED ME trying to get me to confess to something. The latter even went to the lengths to threaten my life after he called me! Give it up, guys. Oh, and enjoy jail!

  72. Frederick Johnson says:

    This has been the most entertaining thread i have ever read. I was researching Television Weather personalities when i stumbled across this unbelievable account of an unknown, homosexual, Adultering (with the same sex) TV Weatherman. I am baffled as to how the “Unknown” called the Rick Character and tried to get him to “confess” to “something”. I am torn between cheering for the crazed weatherman (I sincerely feel sorry for him), or laughing at the fact that the weatherman actually takes the time to read and respond to these blogs. This is defiantly the makings of a Lifetime Movie, look out Ron Burgandy, theres a new “Classy” News Anchor in town!

  73. duck says:

    Rick went to grand rapids mi as a chief meteorologist but recently was let go by them. The exposed Debra (black women) but covered his story up. Sounds a little fishy but this is how this news has always operated

  74. Nancy Murton says:

    Ummm…wow. I googled myself and I am mentioned in this blog. I am Nancy Murton, I do not weigh 700lbs and I could care less about Rick the weather guy. Yes I was friends with his wife so I am privy to some aspects of his divorce. But wow, he is a bit paranoid. I could give two shits about him.

  75. Rick Mecklenburg says:

    I’m so proud of Nancy that she dipped below 700 pounds. Maybe 650 and still with an unhappy husband. Well done, Ivyrose.

  76. Not putting name says:

    Rick messaged me some really weird stuff when I was a young boy. Super weird. Told my co-worker about it at my first job years later, and he said his little brother had the same issue… sounds like he had some issues.

  77. nancy murton says:

    Holy crap! Rick it has been six years…give up the ghost. Again, I couldn’t careless about you! You are such a joke!

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