What I’m Excited About at the Moment

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Leadership, Living Stones Church, vision

This past Sunday I had a meeting with individuals who said they were interested in the Living Stones Church Junior High Youth Ministry (grades 5-8).  It is the largest group I can recall interested in our Junior High Youth Ministry since I returned to this church in 1997.

I didn’t know how the meeting would go or how much I would have to carry the conversation.  I think I asked an opening question and then everyone at the table exploded in ideas, suggestions, vision, and insight.  I was very excited and encouraged by the conversation and CAN’T WAIT to see the outcome of such energy and enthusiasm.

This coming Sunday I get to do it all over again with a group of individuals who are interested in High School Youth Ministry.  If everyone shows up, it will be the largest group of volunteers who have a passion for High School Youth Ministry I’ve seen since I returned to this church back in 1997.  I anticipate the same phenomenon this coming Sunday.

The truth is, our youth ministry over the past five years has not kept up with our church at large.  While we have experiences rapid growth overall, our youth ministries have remained the same for years.  This in spite of some bold efforts to partner with the Underground Cafe and Young Life.  

I have HUGE expectations for our future.  And I’m excited for what I believe could be a revival and explosion of ministry to junior and senior high teenagers on the South Side of South Bend.  On Monday, Amy Osterhout, sent me a list of junior high kids at LSC.  It was an impressive list.  What we need is some intentionality of recruitment, team-building, and discipleship.

And in the end, I think Marshall and  Jackson Intermediate Centers, and Riley High School will never be the same.

Join me in praying for and supporting what I believe will be a new and exciting movement of God on the South Side of South Bend in the Youth Ministries of the Living Stones Church!!!

  1. Greg Frohna says:

    I could not agree with you more. Very encouraged by the people who came out to support the youth ministry. What exciting times!!!

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