You Can’t Say Good News But Be Bad News

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Church
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A few evenings ago, a Suburban drove down our cul-de-sac and two teenagers jumped out and approached my (in a few days) 15 year old son, Isaac, and one of his friends, Dean.  They handed them a postcard invitation (see below) to their youth group which is in our neighborhood and extended a verbal invitation to their youth gathering.

To begin I have to say, I think it is no small deal that teenagers would be committed to going out into the neighborhood and inviting other teenagers to their youth group.  Whether this door-to-door campaign works, which I have some opinions on, is one thing.  But at the very least I commend these teens for reaching out.

But my question is, what happens next?  What if Isaac and Dean go?  Will they be accepted?  Will they be received, for who they are?

And I ask because we have some association with this church that is doing the inviting.  So as not to reveal who it is I’ll use some encryption here.  It is the C*mmunity Bapt*st Chu*ch.  We actually sent all three of our kids to their school.  And then, as Isaac was finishing up his 6th grade year he got kicked out of the school.  “Why?” you ask.  Oh…don’t worry he didn’t do anything wrong.  He made straight “A’s.”  He had never been in trouble.  He lived up to every expectation the school had, except one.  We weren’t Independent Fundamentalist Baptist enough for them.  And it’s true.  We aren’t.  But we knew where we were and I always tried to teach my kids to obey and respect the rules of the house we’re in…including if the house was IFB.  But, we still got kicked out.

So my question is, what happens to Isaac and Dean if they showed up to hear “good news?”  If they aren’t like you, will you kick them out (again)?  Because if so, what you are saying might be good news, but you are ultimately bad news.  It’s hard to hear good news from someone who is bad news.

Disclaimer:  I know their previous Pastor left a few years ago and they have a new one.  Maybe things have changed.  Even the postcard/graphic/logo seems hard to conceive of with the previous Pastor.  Do they accept drums yet?  (The IFB is against any music with a backbeat).  Because Isaac is now into those (as proof see above post).

  1. Sister says:

    Hmmmm…can you give me another clue as to which church it is? I am still having problems solving this puzzle!!

  2. Jim says:

    I love the idea with a few stipulations:
    1. Leave the white shirt, skinny black tie and back pack at home
    (apologies to Joseph Smith)
    2. Leave the 3 piece suit at home (no apologies necessary)
    3. Be able to give the location of your church in 8 words or less (ex:we are on Donmoyer between Fellows and Miami
    4. Save the Bible for another time.

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