Just Men

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kelly leaves this afternoon to go to Chicago for the weekend with my little sister.  Alexandria is in St. Louis with my in-laws.  That means this weekend it is just the boys – Me, Isaac, and Caleb hanging out WITHOUT the ladies.  It means:

  • No reason to put the toilet seat down.
  • Pants and shirts are optional.
  • Hunks of cheese sitting on end tables is a legitimate decoration piece (and functional).
  • Scratching when it itches is a legitimate reason.
  • Pizza is a standard appetizer.
  • If it can be grilled, it will be.
  • Contests that include bodily gas will be played.
  • The pyramid food chart will be switched with products from Frito Lay.
  • The smell of corn chips will either be from literal corn chips, or body odor.
  • Feats of strength contests to see who gets to hold the remote control.
  • Lifetime, OWN, and QVC will be blocked from cable menu.
  • Unmade beds will be a new eccentric decor look (same with clothes on floor and towels thrown in heaps).
  • Dishes that need to be washed will be replaced by disposable items.
  • Bacon will be considered a “fruit” and “vegetable.”
  • Only movies with explosions and shootings will be permitted.
  1. the other ed says:

    It’s like you are describing the new earth from the book of Revelations…It’s a “mantopia”!

  2. Julia Circle says:

    Thanks for the heeads up. I’ll be giving you GUYS a wide berth this Sunday!


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