Church Camp With 5th & 6th Graders

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Living Stones Church

Last week I was at church camp with 5th & 6th graders.  Here is what I learned:  I love 5th & 6th graders!!  I know.  It surprises me too.  But I love them.  They are at that perfect age for being old enough to have a meaningful conversation but not old enough to be “too kool for skool” *eye roll from a 5th or 6th grader.*  AND I am never more hyper than I am with 5th & 6th graders.  I have no idea why, but this age group (and Junior High too) energize me.  I’m not saying by the end of the week it isn’t exhausting, but I literally soak up energy when I’m with them and I’m nuts.  To my fellow adults at camp, sorry for being so obnoxious.

I know every Pastor has different personalities and gift sets, etc.  But I think it would do well for any Pastor to commit some time each year to hang out with the youth ministry.  It gives a new, and very necessary, perspective into a part of the flock in which God has called you to lead.  And if you are in the same situation as LSC – it is quite possible that they are so separated in regards to the life of the church (back in Kids Kanyon or in their own 4th & 5th grade class) that they don’t know you, and you don’t know them.  I had several awkward moments where I was introducing myself to a kid from Living Stones!   I LOVE THEM ALL!!

  1. Shannon Loomis says:

    See?!! It’s the best age! ( When they are not yours and you can send them home 😉

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