RECESS 2011 Has Ended

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Living Stones Church, Schools, South Bend

Here is a video clip Doug Harsch put together for this past Sunday to give a snapshot of what happened at RECESS 2011.

It is a LOT quieter around the offices here at the Living Stones Church.  RECESS 2011 ended last Friday with a great day of games and food (thank you Chick-Fil-A for a feast of a meal).  And now, we begin a new week without the sound of kids filling the property.  It’s sad.

On Sunday we had a chance to celebrate the AMAZING eight weeks that this church, tucked into a neighborhood on the South Side of South Bend, pulled of eight weeks of a day camp for the children at the Miami Hills Apartment.  Once again – THANK YOU to Meredith Waltman, our Program Directory, and our counselors (giving up 8 weeks of their time for RECESS) – Kristin LaFollette, Dwayne Walding, Mike Michell, Tytannia Hopkins, Josh Silk, and Diane Barrington as well as a HOST of volunteers.  THANK YOU also to Monroe Primary Center and the most excellent Jill VanDriessche and Sharon Gilbert.  Thanks to Stanley Clark School for the generous use of some of their green space.  And thank you South Bend Community School Corporation for providing breakfast and lunches each day.  Within Living Stones Church staff – thank you especially to Jennae Gee for coordinating so much and Amy Osterhout for your help in administration and preparations.  And most importantly, thank you Living Stones Church for your generosity of spirit and finances that allowed us to have RECESS 2011!!  I am a VERY proud Pastor.

Here are some photos of RECESS 2011:

  1. Schooner says:

    Doug what a FABULOUS video clip. I LOVE all the images. I had a great time being part of RECESS for a short time. It was great seeing the children outside Monroe School. Meredith did a FANTASTIC job putting RECESS together. Thanks to everyone that helped with RECESS for our Monroe Primary Center High Street children. I loved seeing their smiling faces in the video. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow, Sam thankyou for your support as well through Recess, We all miss it very much. We need to seriously talk about an after school tutoring program and a day program for the little ones, I have had several people tell Dwayne and I they would help and to count them in.

  3. Lori says:

    great video Doug. LSC is awesome!!!!! You guys rock!!!! It looks like you have tapped into a much needed ministry

  4. Samson says:

    6 days.

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