To My Brothers in Arms on Facebook

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Men on Facebook – stay strong…refuse to give in…be a bulwark for truth and sanity!!  Refuse to involve yourself  in the status games where we try to raise awareness of erectile dysfunction by putting in our status the color of our underwear and the first place we put our wallet.  Refuse to raise awareness of some horrific disease by listing anything in inches and some stupid food that aligns with the last digit of our Social Security Number.

What are girls thinking?  [I know…if I knew…I would make a fortune in the book that I would publish].  Why do you girls play those Facebook status games?  Why, why, why!!!!!? (*to the tune of Nancy Kerrigan being clubbed in the knee by Tonya Harding*) It’s like you guys get together, whisper an idea, and then giggle that the guys will never figure it out even though all of you are blabbing it to your husbands, boyfriends, and family members.  Even if you didn’t blab, every guy knows that google will tell us exactly what is going on. (Where was Google when I was growing up?  I would have been a genius by now!)  And does it really raise awareness?  Are any of you girls really not aware of breast cancer?  Like seriously?  You’ve never heard of this disease?  Do I have to be a “Buddy Check” partner with you?!  Come on.  I think we are all aware aren’t we?  Does posting the “week” you were born and a food you are “craving” really bring awareness to the issue of breast cancer?

This blog rant brought to you as an emotional response from a Pastor who thought one of the girls in the middle school youth group was nine weeks pregnant.  Stop doing that to me!!!

  1. Melissa says:

    You think it’s hard being a guy? Try being the girl who never gets in on the joke! Not only am I aware of breast cancer, I’m also aware that I’m not well liked. Not once have I been invited to publicly share my bra size. Not ONCE, Sam!! 😉

  2. Melissa – I’m so sorry for your pain. I can only imagine what that must feel like and what you must be going through. If it makes you feel better, consider this your invitation to use Sam I Am as your platform to publicly announce your bra size. No need to thank me…I’m a healer like that…it’s just my nature. 🙂

  3. Lori says:

    Sam…if it makes you feel any better, one of my FB girlfriends didn’t know about the game and congratulated her girlfriend’s husband on their pregnancy. He almost had a heart attack lol 🙂

  4. the other ed says:

    I prefer to go “chest commando”

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