Retirement Day and My Dad

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is my dad.  Today is his last day of working for the Internal Revenue Service.  He has had a long and good career.  And it comes to an end today.

I can only imagine it is a bittersweet day.  Sweet in that a whole new exciting chapter opens up with a bunch of possibilities (and now time).  Bitter in that it has been a long career.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like to one day be in the continuation of schedules, habits, rhythms, relationships, and then…done.  Over.  I would imagine that would feel sad.

It’s important to me that my kids think well of me (don’t worry, I’m not obsessed by the thought).  I want them to think that their dad works hard, has a good ethic, provides well for them, and takes care of them and their mother.  I want them to think I’m honorable and that I have executed well the responsibilities God has given me to take care of my family.

And in that regard, I want to say, as the first-born son of Chuck Barrington, I think well of him.  He works hard.  He has a great work ethic.  He is the most honest man I know.  He has always provided for me, my sister, and my mother, and has always been generous.  He is honorable and has always executed faithfully the responsibilities God has given him.  I’m proud of him.  And I love him.  And I pray that my children will one day see me like I see him.

So – to my dad – congratulations on a successful career and your retirement.  May God give you peace, joy, long-life, and a new season of unbelievable opportunities.  Love, your son.

P.S.  To my sister – don’t wish you had a blog now?  Score one for me!! 🙂

  1. Jim says:

    One day I was standing at a urinal (bear with me, this really is going somewhere) in the Carmel office building where I worked, and up walked your dad. We both did a double take when we recognized each other. I had no idea what your dad did for a living but I knew that the IRS was the only other office on our floor, so it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. I think he was as shocked as I was to bump into me there, so far away from South Bend. Of course, we observed proper men’s room etiquette and didn’t actually speak until we were washing our hands.

    Congratulations, Chuck! Enjoy your retirement!

  2. The Bishop says:

    Jim, it was one of the most memorable moments of my career. 🙂 Thank you for your well wishes. Be well.

  3. david wilson says:

    Congratulations, Chuck! May you enjoy your retirement!

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