Truth From Various Sources

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

For the past two days my 9-year old daughter had to stay home from school because of pink eye.  Just to make sure it was pink eye I took her to the doctor yesterday morning (it was).  On the way we listened to U93 on the radio (she likes the top 40s and I like my daughter…plus it reminds me of my own childhood listening to U93 – but back then it was great hits from the 80s!).

U93 had some woman on the show who was answering questions from callers.  Before they repeated who she was I listened to two different calls.  The first was from a teenage girl who wanted to have a baby.  And right there on U93 this woman, very graciously, but very firmly, laid into the girl about acting in the best interest of a baby.  She told her that she needed to get married to have a baby.  She quoted that 80% of babies are now born out of wedlock and how that was not a good thing.  She talked about children needing parents who were stable, had a good job, were mature, etc.  She even told her to stop being selfish and to but the needs of a child above her own!

I thought, “Wow!  She is shooting it straight right here on U93!!!”

Then the next caller:  she was 17 years old and was a Scorpion (what that has to do with anything I have no idea) and she thought she had discovered her “soulmate” who was also a Scorpion (jackpot!).  Then the woman started in again.  Kind and gracious, but firm – “Honey, you are still very young.  You are only 17.  You are going to change your mind many times.  Do not get too intimate with this young man.  You need to…”  Again.  I thought, “Wow!  Right here on U93.”

Then the DJ’s finally said, “Well, we want to thank Barbara the Gray Witch Psychic for coming in this morning and taking questions from our callers…”


And then I had several thoughts and emotions:

1.  Why in the world does U93 have a witch psychic on the radio?!!!?

2.  Am I OK with a witch psychic speaking on a radio station that I let my 9 year old girl listen to at times (brain processing whether I’m going to allow it anymore)?

3.  If a Pastor or Christian was on U93 answering callers questions they would probably be so tip-toe wishy washy in answering the questions trying to come off so tolerant and compassionate that they would ultimately never say what Barbara the Gray Witch Psychic says.

4.  If a Pastor would say the exact same thing as the Gray Witch Psychic would society respond to them the same as they do the psychic?  Is their a different standard or filter between the two?  If a Pastor says it, “OH there he goes!!  The Christian bigot!!”  If the psychic says it, “A wise woman with good advice!”

5.  I agreed with everything the psychic said to the callers.  Interesting.

  1. Jim says:

    You could call yourself a psychic. Just sayin’…

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the persecuter-persecuted lens people view Christianity. All truth is still God’s truth!

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