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Sunday I preached the first week of our Dashboard series.  It was on some warning signs that something is off in your spiritual life and needs some immediate attention.  Here are the twelve points:

  1. You can’t remember the last time you sought God on a decision in life.
  2. If God answered ALL of your prayers, nothing significant would change on earth.
  3. You don’t even know where your Bible is.
  4. Your spirituality is exclusively personal and isolated.
  5. You have justified sin in your life; or you are consciously excusing it based on God’s grace.
  6. You have no passion for the things of God.  Or – you don’t even want to want to grow spiritually.
  7. Your priorities as reflected in your time, money, and speech don’t reveal God as top priority.
  8. Commitment and passion for God doesn’t make it past Sunday afternoon.
  9. You view God as a cosmic Santa Claus.
  10. You are proud of your spiritual life.  Or – God is an item to be checked off on your t0-do-list.
  11. You keep going back to a place that God is no longer calling you to for spiritual growth.
  12. Spiritual lows are overwhelmingly discouraging.
You can listen to the message here.
I actually had to pare down the list.  I had more.  And I’m sure you could think of other warning signs.  Feel free to comment any that come to mind.