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You CANNOT live a healthy life without boundaries.  Everyone needs to have those guard rails in life that give us latitude, but in the end, keeps us from flying off a cliff on the side of the road.  Boundaries are essential.  And most people, especially in Christianity, struggle with setting boundaries believing to do so would be antithetical to being a disciple of Jesus.  So, we say “yes” to things we neither want nor should do.  We enable in others destructive patterns that keeps them immature.  We give up our thoughts, preferences, and opinions to keep the peace.  We become plagued with the desire to have everyone like us (even if trying to get others to like us is driving us insane).

SO…this evening at our Kingdom GED we’ve invited local Christian counselor Jeremiah Wright to come and speak to us about a life with good and healthy boundaries.

See you at 6:30 pm.

I really do believe it will be life altering.

Did I Just See That?

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I saw this commercial on TV the other day.  The drama and dialogue sucked me in.  And then at the end, I thought – WHAT!!!!?  IS THAT ABOUT WHAT I THINK IT IS ABOUT!!!?  And then I had to take a shower because I felt shame.

Would You Ever Leave Your Faith?

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

No.  But I come dangerously close when I see stuff like this. (that is slight hyperbole).

If Congress were to draft legislation that would ban Christian television – I would support it.  Not because it is bad for America, but because it is bad for Christianity!

And I know you have crazies in every religion, group, movement, subset, etc. – but I’m going to say that independent Charismatics with television ministries have a higher percentage.