Christmas Culture Wars

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Christmas, Culture

Speaking of Christmas programs (see previous post), I do have a message to Christians I would like to share this time of year…chill out!  Quit beings so easily offended and allow people freedom to not celebrate Christmas if they aren’t Christians!

You do know we aren’t the only ones who have a holiday in December right?  The Jewish community celebrates Hanukkah; the African-American community celebrates Kwanzaa (at least that is what I’ve been told…but honestly, I’m a little skeptical); and some of us observe the holiday of Festivus (“it’s a holiday for the rest of us”).  So, if a company who hasn’t confessed the Lordship of Jesus (because it can’t…it is an economic institution) wishes to be inclusive and wish everyone a “Happy Holidays!” why are we so upset by that?  We aren’t the only ones celebrating.  And I think it is in the spirit of Christ to not insist that it is our way or we aren’t shopping in your store anymore!

In fact, I think the worst thing that can happen for the cause of Christ is for Christmas to end up being a battle in some larger cultural war.  Do you know why?  Because wars have casualties.  And if we get our way, at what cost?  Does anyone’s heart and mind actually become attracted to Jesus because we boycott stores for their holiday greeting verbiage?!  Come on!!  If you want to keep Christ in Christmas, then simply act like Christ at Christmas.  And avoid any effort to do this:

  1. I am a Christian, and I really despise the whole “Happy holidays” garbage. If I know someone is Christian, I say “Merry Christmas.” My Jewish friends get a “Happy Hannukah,” and my pagan pals can have a “Good Yule.” I know how important my faith is to me. It would be wrong of me not to respect someone else’s. And there are years when I have definite Festivus leanings.

  2. Robert Emery says:

    Thank you for saying what needs to be said. Instead of my Facebook page being a place for my friends and I to catch up and FOR ME to rant, it is filled with “keep Christ in Christmas” posts. I have had to block certain friends from my page because they are repeat offenders (4 or more similar posts A WEEK). I have had people tell me I wasnt a Christian because I wasnt offended. People, take the plank out of your own eye before you tell me about the speck in mine. Yeah, I wish it was solely Christmas, but if I stressed out about things that arent going to change, it wouldnt be a very festive holiday season for my family.

  3. Shannon L says:

    You had me at the Game of Thrones pic ( yay Eddard!) but I agree. I work at a store and say Merry Christmas to everyone. No one has told me off or corrected me. It seems like people are only wound up about stuff like this on Facebook.

  4. Sister says:

    Yes I do many an eye roll when I see the keep Christ in Christmas campaigns. I even think I did an eye roll on your previous post when you crossed out Christmas and put winter down. 🙂 Actually I really pondered on how you were able to do that neat trick. But I am now dizzy and my eyes are strained by the amount of eye rolling I just did when trying to stomach the song you posted. That is….something. I could only get through one minute and then I had to cease and desist. I am sure I am missing some wonderful nuggets of Christmas wisdom since I did not get through the whole thing. Maybe I will try again later when I feel less faint.

  5. David says:

    Isn’t it ironic that, as you point out, if we had the true spirit of Christ, we would not insist on keeping the Christ in Christmas?
    I guess another reason I’m glad not to be on the face-book.
    Peace on Earth.

  6. the other ed says:

    I think that they are just happy they can make such a clever play on words. “Christ in Christmas” sounds a lot better than, “Keep the East in Easter” or “Keep the Labor in Labor Day”.
    That being said, I am all for keeping the ‘Za in Kwanzaa…it makes me hungry for Bruno’s.

  7. Lori says:

    I feel the same way. I love my pastor, but announcing this campaign during church made me a little angry, and I delete all those posts off of my face book page. Jesus commands us to love one another, but how can we do that if we let a silly thing like this get us upset? Not to mention that Christmas actually started out as a pagan holiday, not a Christian holiday. Before people get upset over this they need to know exactly what they are supporting. (not to mention the fact that Jesus more than likely was not even born in December, but in the spring). Ok. I have vented enough. I will quit with the sermon lol 🙂

  8. Melissa says:

    Someone just wished me a Merry Christmas. From his tone, I really think he was daring me to be offended!

  9. Melissa – did you tell him to settle down!?

  10. Good article from the CT archives on how Jesus approach Hanukkah, which starts tonight, to make a point about cultural engagement (cf. John 10).

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