Facebook Killed the Christmas Card

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve noticed with each passing year the number of Christmas Cards we receive seems to be getting less and less.  I suppose it is possible that people simply don’t like me and are crossing me off their list and out of their lives.  But, that seems most unlikely when you really think about it.

So, I’m going to guess that there are two main reasons people are no longer sending out Christmas Cards:

1.  The cost of postage.  Who wants to pay $.44 to send out a card?!!!  It is crazy.  Especially in this economy.  Thus ends my argument.  It is clear, obviously correct, and irrefutable. 🙂

2.  Facebook.  The reason why we send out Christmas Cards is often to catch up on the lives of people we love but simply don’t see.  Christmas is an opportunity every year to have a quick letter to update someone on the happenings of the family.  But now with Facebook, we get to have that all year round.  I know what is going on with the McKenzie’s in Georgia.  They just adopted a little girl from China (she is beautiful!).  I didn’t need to wait until Christmas to find that out.  I saw it the day they returned from China.  Thanks Facebook.

BUT…if I were going to send out Christmas Cards, this is what I would want it to look like:

  1. Robert Emery says:

    Awesome!! Simply awesome!!

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