Christmas Eve Services

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Christmas, Living Stones Church

Just a reminder that this weekend’s worship services are going to occur on Christmas Eve (Saturday evening).  We have two different services – 5 and 7 pm.  At 5:00 pm we will be offering a full Kid’s Kanyon as they blow out the roof with a “Happy Birthday Party to Jesus” celebration.  And 7 pm it will be a family worship gathering as everyone will be in the Quarry (although we will offer a Nursery for 2 and under).

Kelly and Isaac came home from worship practice last night excited and said it was going to be “good.”

And, I’m delivering a short message so you KNOW that is going to be great! 🙂  And although Greg Frohna doesn’t know it yet, I’m going to sing a solo – O Holy Night!  I’ve been practicing over the last 30 minutes.  I’m sure I can pull it off.  You can hear a preview of me singing it here.

See you tomorrow evening!  Bring as many friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, complete strangers even that you can fit on the chartered bus you rented for this special occasion!!!

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