Going Deeper In the Word Follow-Up

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Discipleship, Living Stones Church, Preaching, vision

Living Stoners

Just a follow-up from yesterday’s message on passionately pursuing Jesus through the Word of God.  If you missed it you can check it out here.  Remember Jesus is the meal; the Bible is our menu to that meal!  In the message I issues a challenge to the church to do two things:

1.  Begin to consider the idea of growing in your own spiritual life to a place where you can become a spiritual fitness coach for those just beginning their journey in Christ.

2.  Read the entire Bible in a year.  We want to get a big picture; overview; “forest view” look at the entire story of the Bible.  Along the way feel free to record in a notebook all of your questions, points of confusion, or just plain moments of being disturbed.  It is all legitimate as we read the Bible together.  In the end, we don’t want to miss the “forest view” by getting stuck on a particular “tree.”

I offered an online resource that I love and that I HIGHLY recommend to help you in this venture.  Go to this website:  www.youversion.com and download it to your computer, your smartphone, and/or your iPad!!!  Then go to their Reading Plans and select one that will take you through the Bible in a year.  They have several to choose from.  If you have spiritual ADD I highly recommend The One Year Bible plan.  It will give you a little OT, NT, Psalms, and Proverbs in the same daily reading.  It is great!!

I look forward to seeing all that happens in our church over the next year as we engage with Scripture!!

  1. Sarah Wilken says:

    I signed up for the “Bible in a year” program today and read my passages. I honestly can’t believe how easy and “painless” it was to do. The thought of reading my bible in a year has always seemed too daunting and therefore I decided to pass on the idea. If I knew how “doable” this really was I would have done it long ago. So peeps….you should do this. No I mean it, do it. No…do it. Do it. What? Do it!

  2. Erik is doing the chronological version and is in the middle of Job. His summary: “trust God no matter what happens.”

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