Growing in Stewardship

Posted: January 13, 2012 in faith, Finances, Living Stones Church, Money, vision

A great assessment tool and challenge from the Living Stones Church’s Stewardship Team.  They are encouraging everyone to grow in their faith, generosity, and commitment to stewardship by asking everyone to identify where they presently live and consider taking up the challenge to move one category to the right!

  1. Melissa says:

    In October 2009, I had surprising moment. I thought I was regular giver (I had it as a a line item in my budget and everything), but when I looked at my checkbook register, I found I wasn’t at all. Something would come up and I would write a smaller check or maybe skip a week all together. Starting right then, I decided to trust God and became a regular tither. It’s the first check I write every pay day. I have not missed a pay period since. I can also say that not once in that time have I had to make the choice between giving and getting something I needed. Not once. I’m not saying I haven’t had to decide between giving and something I WANTED, but never something I needed. Also in that time, I have received raises and promotions as work, I have paid off debt, and I have never felt such peace with my finances. I wouldn’t say that I’ve found wealth by any means, but I have found peace. I’ve been greatly blessed and would encourage anyone to take that step in faith.

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