The Big Business of Universities

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Recently, my son, Isaac, gets just about as much mail as the rest of the family combined.  And they are all from admission departments of colleges and universities.  He is a sophomore in High School.  Yesterday he got four pieces of mail from Ball State, Xavier, Valparaiso, and Dominican Universities.  Now…of course I know that Isaac is smart, good-looking, talented, and obviously a catch for any university that he might choose.  But I’m a little suspicious.

This summer he went to a week long youth camp that had a few small college recruiters present.  I think he gave them his contact information. And then I believe one of these small schools sold the contact information to other schools.  Because, every single school that sends him a letter, spells his name wrong:  Isaacs Barrington.  Everyone of them.

Now I’m curious how much universities pay for databases with prospective students.

  1. Sarah Wilken says:

    Isaac(s) is getting mail from colleges??? I won’t believe it. This just can not be true. What is happening? How is life flying by this quickly? How is it everyone is getting older yet I am still so young? Maybe this is the year he can finally spell his name correctly if he is going to fill out forms.

  2. Kris says:

    I was going to say that Sarah……why would schools hunt down someone who cannot spell their name correctly! Must run in the family!

  3. Samson says:

    It wasn’t from camp. It was the PSAT.

  4. heatherinIN says:

    I agree, it is from the PSAT. I got a lot of college mail after that, including all of those schools!

  5. ooooohhhh…PSAT! …stupid PSAT!

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