Super Bowl Commercials 2012

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Every year we look forward to the Super Bowl, and sometimes, like this year, even more so to the commercials during the Super Bowl.  My family and I thought this year’s commercials were kind of weak.  Especially in the area of comedy, we thought this year’s offerings were a little lacking.  Regardless, here are my picks for the best and worst Super Bowl commercials:


#5 – Sketchers – GO RUN! Mr. Quiggley

#4 – Doritos – Dead Cat Bribe

#3 – Doritos – Baby Sling

#2 – M&M – I’m Sexy and I Know It

#1 – Clint Eastwood/Detroit Auto Makers

WORST Super Bowl Commercials:

#6 – Pepsi – Elton John

This commercial had some funny elements (e.g., the opening joker, the closing joker [Flavor Flav]) but the commercial centered around the female singer who, I’m going to guess, most of America has no idea who she is.  Turns out she won the show “The Voice.”  I didn’t know that.  I thought this commercial had the makings for something great – but in the end, fizzled.

#5 – Audi – Vampire Party

I’m so sick of the Vampire theme.  This might be more about my personal preferences than anything else.  But come on…enough with Vampires!!

#4 –

I thought this commercial was humorous, but here is my deal with…it is the same thing EVERY year.  Yea, some stooge is the butt of practical jokes by a group of monkeys.  We get it.  It’s losing its appeal after all these years.  Come up with something new!

#3 – Budweiser – Prohibition

First, how much do you think Budweiser spends in commercial spots during the Super Bowl?  Holy Cow it was as if every other commercial was a Budweiser commercial.  And the Budweiser Platinum…seemed anything but…  Here is my deal with the Prohibition commercial – Budweiser, when not being funny, is great at producing a commercial that highlights or honors something of significance (remember the one with the soldiers coming home through the airport?).  I thought the Prohibition spot fell flat on everything – power, humor, inspiration, etc.

#2 – e-Trade baby

I have the same critique for the e-Trade baby commercial as I do for the commercial.  Every year it is the same thing.  Yes, we get it, a talking baby.  And with modern software, almost any kid with a computer can duplicate the idea!  Yes, some of the lines are humorous, but year after year it’s the same thing and it is now old.  Come up with a new concept!

#1 – – Heaven

There were two commercials and I feel the same way about both of them.  It’s old.  And as a guy – I’m not complaining about the “sexy” look.  The problem is – GoDaddy has being doing the same thing year after year – and it is tiresome.  Oh…and then the titilating ending that makes you have to go to their website to see the “uncensored” ending.  Come on.  And when it comes to being “sexy” they got outplayed big time by other commercials like the Teleflora spot, the Fiat 500 abarth, (and for the ladies…and my wife’s favorite commercial of the night) David Beckham in tighty-whiteys (does anyone wear those anymore!?) 🙂

What did you think of the halftime show?  I have to confess I didn’t want to like it.  But I was very impressed with Madonna’s show.  Come on…it had Roman soldiers, a choir, a drum-line, dancers, etc.  I thought it was very impressive (even if it was lip synched).

  1. Mark says:

    The singer actually was the winner of the X Factor and is really pretty good. She won a five million dollar recording contract and the right to a Pepsi commercial .

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