Tip To Husbands on Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2012 in marriage, Relationships, Weddings

[This post is in a series of posting about marriage and weddings.  You can find the first five posts herehereherehere, here, and here.]

Husbands – there will probably be some point in your marriage when your wife will tell you, or hint, that she really doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it is because things are financially tight.  Maybe it is because you just finished celebrating some other occasion.  Maybe she is just trying to help alleviate stress in your life.  And she will send you the, “Oh…you don’t have to get me anything for Valentine’s Day” message.  Now listen to this very carefully…


Of course she wants something on Valentine’s day!!!!  That is why she married you!  She didn’t marry you for you looks!  Have you seen yourself naked?!  You are hairy, disheveled, misshapen, and generally repulsive.  She married you for the perpetual security of having a “Valentine” on Valentine’s Day.  You HAVE to get her something.  And it doesn’t even have to be something big.  She wants to know that you invested thought and effort in HER.  Buy her a card, take her out to dinner, buy her flowers, get a stuffed teddy bear…something.  If you can’t afford to get something – make her a card, write her a poem, make her dinner (even if it is TV dinners transferred to the more fancy corning ware plates) by candlelight.  If you don’t…she will remember.  And it will not go well for you…IN ANY AREA!!

One other tip.  It is OK to purchase lingerie.  But you have to buy something else as well.  Because really…buying lingerie is like buying yourself a gift.

You’re welcome.



  1. the other ed says:

    Allow me to expand on this:
    NEVER get your wife ANYTHING in the area of weight loss i.e.- That Richard Simmons “Dancing to the Oldies” DVD…Your gift is, in her eyes, a reflection of your opinion of her.

    Also, naked pictures of yourself are a big NO.

  2. david says:

    I saw myself naked this morning.
    And you know what? You’re right! (How did you know??)
    Boy, what was I thinking?

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