Mad Dash to Dallas

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve attended the C3 Conference every year for probably the past eight years.  Generous friends who live in Texas invest in me every year by paying for the conference fee, getting me a plane ticket, and providing housing.  And every year, for the last eight years or so I have flown down on the Wednesday afternoon of that week.  So…I had in my head that I was flying down on Wednesday afternoon.

UNTIL…I had sent an e-mail to my friends to confirm the times of pick up from the airport and in it I said, “See you Wednesday at 7:00 pm.”  A little while longer I got a call from my friend to say, “I think your plane leaves today at 4:25 pm!

So…I pull up the itinerary e-mail and sure enough…MY PLANE LEAVES OUT OF THE O’Hare AIRPORT AT 4:25 PM!!!  It is after noon and I’m sitting in my office without a single thing packed thinking I’m leaving the next day.

After the overwhelming panic – I rushed home, backed a bag in the fastest time ever (I hope I remembered underwear) – rushed to Chicago, and made it to the gate with an hour to spare!!  Yes…I’m that good.

I just signed up to participate in the “Running of the Bulls.”

So…to my wife…on Valentine’s Day (see previous post)…sorry!

PS…It was over 60 degrees in Dallas when I arrived and our first stop was Hard Eight Pit BBQ…so…my Valentine’s evening worked out pretty well! 🙂


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