Biggest Loser Adrian & Daphne

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Biggest Loser, Television, The Biggest Loser
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I haven’t blogged about the Biggest Loser in a long time.  I’ve been a loyal fan for quite sometime.  And even though I have fleeting moments of temptation to drop the show, I keep coming back.  I’m not really even sure why.  I’m sure a psychiatrist could work with me to uncover some of the reasons and rationale for it.

I think out of all the seasons, this one is my least favorite.  I think the contestants are the least likable (and I’m not saying that as to who they really are as people, but more in regards to the editing process of the show).

So – let me say to the writers and produces of Biggest Loser:  PLEASE, for all that is good and right…familiarize yourself with this historic scene from Happy Days and let it be a warning and a lesson to where you are headed:

This was the moment!  It was the turning point.  Fonzi “jumped the shark.”  And so did the show.  It was so ridiculous that when it was over, everyone knew that Happy Days had stayed on the air far too long.  The show had “jumped the shark.”

Biggest Loser – you are very close to “jumping the shark.”  Particularly with the showcasing of Conda, and most recently Adrian & Daphne, in all of the drama and conflict.  It is just unnecessary.  New viewers are not going to tune into Biggest Loser because of the drama of personal conflict.  It isn’t that good and other shows top you in the “drama” category.  You might have loyal fans continue to watch, and even do so with peaked interest at the unfolding conflict (much like a train wreck you can’t turn away from), but you risk losing other fans who are exhausted in it and aren’t watching the show for relational conflict, but for what the show was supposed to be about – people turning their lives around through hard work and new habits of life.  Don’t jump the shark!!!!

I was rooting for Adrian & Daphne.  I thought it unfair the first week when they got sent home within 15 minutes after losing the challenge.  And how hard is it to break into a team that already has an established dynamic after a month’s time!!!?  Very unfair.  However, could Adrian and Daphne have handled the situation any worse?  Very unlikable.  Good bye.

Side note for churches:  You too can learn from Happy Days “jump the shark” episode in regards to your ministry, programs, leadership, and vision.  There are a lot of implications for this principle.  What are you doing as a church that “has jumped the shark?”

  1. david says:

    Ron Howard used to have hair??

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