Out of Town Conferences

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Posting has been a little sporadic lately.  I’ve been out of town at a few conferences.  Last Tuesday I left for Dallas, TX to attend Fellowship Church’s C3 Conference.  Because of generous friends, the entire conference is paid for.  I have been (I think) for the past eight years.  I don’t meet many people who have been there as long a I have.  And I think there is a reason for that.  After 1-2 times you kind of get it.  You see Fellowship Church’s ministry philosophy, you know the overall vibe, you get the tone.  It isn’t that you don’t hear great preaching (Judah Smith & Steven Furtick were phenomenal).  But after so many years, there becomes a lot of repetition.  It makes me curious about other conferences and the life-span of conferences in general.  When a church puts on an annual conference do they have to recruit new attendees, or do they have a loyal following?

Yesterday, four of us when to Chicago for a GivingRocket conference.  It was a one day seminar on issues of congregational stewardship.  It was at the Orchard Community Church in Aurora, IL.  It was short, but I thought excellent.


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