Saying Good-Bye to Greg Frohna

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Living Stones Church
Greg either napping or illustrating the finer point of planking in my office.

OK…that title might sound too much like an eulogy piece.  Fortunately, Greg has not died *breathe a sigh of relief.*  UNFORTUNATELY (for us), Greg and his family are moving to Kansas City, MO to become the Next Steps Pastor for the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

Greg got a call last September from one of his best friends and a minister on staff with the church in Kansas City informing him of a new position they were creating and how he thought Greg would be perfect for it.  Because Greg & Wendi were in the process of adopting two boys from Russia they passed on the opportunity, but not without Greg’s friend encouraging him to prayerfully consider the possibility.  And then…the friend called again and REALLY encouraged Greg to consider, given his passions and gift-set, the position.  Ultimately, Greg interviewed with the church and received an affirmation and calling to go serve in Kansas City.  I’m sad to see Greg go.  I have greatly appreciated his work, leadership, and friendship during his time at Living Stones.  But I too had to confess that when I heard about the details of the new position – I knew Greg would be great at it!

Even though we announced to the church a few weeks ago his future plans, THIS Sunday will be Greg’s last Sunday with us at the Living Stones Church.  We know God has been a part of this whole process, including the successful sale of his home (like in record time…there are three houses for sale in his neighborhood and the average duration of being on the market before a final sale is over 250 days!).  Continue to pray for Greg, Wendi, Etara, Adam, Alex, and Nick as they begin a new work and a new life in Kansas City, MO.

  1. the other ed says:

    Fun fact…the silent but deadly joke at the end of Rusty’s garage was all the Frohn’s idea. That’s right, he beat me to the fart joke.

  2. Pam Williams says:

    Wow so sad to see him go, but glad for the new beginnings for him and his family. Praters will be kept for them and I wish them all the best.

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