Let’s Traumatize Our Kids

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Church
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Years ago I was with a group of pastors when one of them started to share a story about something they did with the kids at a church camp to make a point.  He went on to share that at the evening campfire, all the kids were gathered around, they had just spent time worshiping, and then he got up and announced that one of their favorite and greatly loved camp counselors had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wasn’t expected to live much longer.  Well…as you might expect – especially at a church camp, with tired and exhausted campers, at night, during a campfire, after worship – they were emotionally affected by this announcement.  They cried and were upset, etc.  BUTnone of it was true.  Their beloved counselor didn’t have cancer!!  They were just trying to make a point about emotionalism!!!  They thought, through this experience, they could show the kids how easy it is to fall into emotionalism!!!

I thought – you didn’t prove anything other than a bunch of kids really love their counselor and that adults can be mean manipulative jerks!!!!

The last thing we want as adults is to be manipulated.  But when it comes to teens…for some reason there are churches that think they are fair game.

Take for example this story in the news from the Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in Pennsylvania.  To make a point about what foreign missionaries may have to undergo by way of persecution, they staged an “armed raid” complete with the kidnapping of a teenager.  Yea.  This is a great idea!!! *sarcasm*  In our day and age where a shooting in a church isn’t unheard of, let’s get all of our kids in a room and without telling them what is going on, stage a seemingly real raid complete with pillowcases over their heads and hands being bound behind their back!  That’s brilliant!!  Pfft.

  1. david says:

    So my camp counselor didn’t really have cancer, like they told us??
    Why, I ought to….*$#%@!&

  2. That’s a pretty low thing to do to a group of children. I don’t see the legitimate reasoning behind it either. As a matter of fact, if you did that to me, I would probably stop talking to you for awhile.

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