Serving in a Bar

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Living Stones Church

This week our Communitas (Living Stones Church small groups) training is on the spiritual competency of SERVICE.  So, our group met at a small non-profit ministry in Mishawaka (it was at least the South Side of Mishawaka 🙂 ) to help clean and spruce up their property.  Jeff Gritton, who I think may just be the best small group leader I’ve ever seen (and one of the church’s elders), was leading the charge!  At one point, while the rest of the group was working, I look up and see Jeff Gritton coming out of the bar across the street.  I’m curious what spiritual competency HE was working on!! 🙂

Jeff Gritton attempting to walk a straight line as he leaves a bar

  1. Sarah Wilken says:

    Ha ha…Nice! Though I have seen people trying to walk straight out of that bar many a times!

  2. Sarah Wilken says:

    You know what…now I realize that we passed you guys yesterday evening while you were working. I wondered what was going on. Were you at that thrift shop sort of place? I should been even more observant and I would have noticed it was you dorks over there. I would have thrown some litter or something at you guys.

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