Revitalize South Bend Blog

Posted: May 11, 2012 in government, Leadership, Neighborhoods, Schools, South Bend, vision

Let me give you another blog you should be checking out.  It is called Revitalize South Bend (*insertpumpfist*).

It’s creator:  The most excellent Beth Harsch.

Listen to its purpose and intent:

As a resident of South Bend, I refuse to believe we’re a ”Dying City,” as a recent article in Newsweek claims. Nor do I care to give credence to Princeton who lists South Bend among the ”College Towns not so Great.”

I believe what many residents of South Bend believe… that this is a generous, caring, innovative community.

My desire is to highlight those people (and groups) in our community who will not let some Newsweek article define them. This is for, and about, those generous, caring and innovative people doing transformational work that improves life in South Bend.

Won’t you join me as we share ideas and resources that can benefit others in our community?

Add it to your blog roll, check out its contents frequently, and COMMENT and engage in the conversation!!

And while you are there should especially check out today’s blog post!!

  1. Sarah Wilken says:

    I was excited to check it out yesterday. Awesome, Beth. Ya know…I know her. She is my friend. No really….we are honestly friends. Name dropping? Well perhaps but she is my friend.
    Hmmm….maybe there is another blog you would like to mention as well. I don’t know…maybe a blog that is pure awesomeness and you happen to be close (like siblings) with its creator. Ring a bell? I will be waiting for mention of THAT blog on your next post. Thank you and good bye.

  2. The Bishop says:

    That to which Sarah is referring:

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