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Well…on September 24th I very self-righteously announced I was done with American Idol.  You can read my declaration here.

Then last week came the premiere of this season’s American Idol.  My in-laws were in town and when the show started my wife, three kids, and in-laws were all in the family room watching the show.  I was in the other room reading a book…by myself…feeling left out and like an anti-social boob.  So, I went in and watched the show with them.  And…I was hooked.  I love the new judges.  I think Steven Tyler is hilarious (the dude is 60!!).  They have a great chemistry.  I think I prefer them over any of the old judges (who would have guessed?).

But last night, if there were any lingering doubts, it was decided.  I’m a Steven Tyler fan.  It came as the last story of the night.  The story of Chris Medina who was caring for his fiance who was in a tragic car accident two months before they were to marry.  Now, she suffers through the consequences of severe brain injury.  And I’m not talking maybe a slight speech problem or mobility issues – I’m talking severe consequences.  Chris said, “What kind of man would I be if I were to leave her when she needs me the most.”  Wow.  Huge story of fidelity and love.

And then Steven Tyler asked Chris to bring his fiance in.  And the judges greeted her.  But Steven Tyler loved on her in the most gentle and endearing way.  And that was it.  I’m back on the bandwagon (or I fell off the band wagon…I don’t know which one).


Good-Bye American Idol

Posted: September 24, 2010 in American Idol

It wasn’t for everyone.  But my family enjoyed watching it.  But now, I’m saying good-bye.  Good-bye American Idol.  I’m not speaking on behalf of my family, they may still choose to watch you.  But, I won’t be making the transition with you to the post-Simon years (if you get years).  Your star is fading.  I’m decluttering my TV list.  I may catch a YouTube clip if there is another “Pants on the Ground” phenomenon.  But otherwise…

Good-Bye Ellen Degeneres

Posted: July 30, 2010 in American Idol

Ellen Degeneres resigned her position yesterday as a judge on American Idol. You can read about it here.  She was a judge for one season.  On Monday, the producers are expected to announce who the judges will be for the next season.  Any thoughts:

I said it on March 17th…and I say it again…Crystal Bowersox will win the whole thing.

This will be your NEW American Idol.

In regards to talent, one of my least favorite seasons.  But she – is a shining star among them!

Any guesses if this is American Idol’s last season?

Tomorrow night three of my favorite shows are on at the same time!!!  Yes…I have a DVR.  It is only capable of recording two shows at a time.  I will find a way…  (By the way…this is the last season of LOST…if it all ends up being a dream I’m going to hurt an ABC executive). 🙂

This song has become a hit in my house!  (Caleb can still sing “We’re Brothers Forever“)