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Yesterday morning we had a baptism celebration.  We baptized a dozen people (that is actually a preacher’s count…the true number was 11…preachers always round-up) in front of a crowd of 4657 (see what I did there?  that is a big round-up).

It was a great morning.  You can check out the video testimonies of most of those who got baptized yesterday morning:

We like to have our children, who normally are back in Kid’s Kanyon for the entire service, join us to witness the baptisms.  I had just finished a message on baptism explaining the what and whys of baptism when our children entered the room.

And then yesterday evening I got this Facebook notification:

I started to think about how terrifying it might be for a kid to watch the preacher dunk people in water without any explanation!!!  And then watch as everyone in the audience applauds and adds their approval!!

Note to self:  it might be a good idea to explain to children what you are doing in baptism before they see it.

To the Medors – should there be any need for therapy sessions for poor Seth to overcome his trauma, you can send the bill to the Living Stones Church.  OR – if he grows up with an aversion to getting baptized, when he meets God – I’ll step forward and take the blame for it! 🙂  Just be thankful this is his issue.  It could be worse.  Rumor has it that our Children’s Minister’s [yea…I’m looking at you Amy Osterhout] child, after Doug Harsch invited everyone to stand and worship, yelled at the top of her lungs – “I DON’T WANT TO!!” 🙂

Preached on baptism on Sunday (you can find the podcast on the church’s website – in the next day or two).  We concluded the message with this video, put together by Doug Harsch, of our last Baptism Celebration in April.  Over 20 people were baptized at that time.  I love these videos.

If you are interested in getting baptized in our next baptism celebration, happening at our 9:30 & 11:30 services here at Living Stones Church on August 28th, send us an e-mail here.

This past Sunday we witnessed 21 Living Stoners get baptized!!  It was a most excellent day.  In case you missed it, I wanted to post the testimony video Doug Harsch put together for us so you can see it (or if you already saw it and want to see it again!).  Don’t forget to be praying for – Lana, Yolanda, Josh, Shannon, Boni, Scott, Michael, Terri, Jennifer, Arika, Rebekah, Michele, Shay, Judy, Jeff, Sasha’, Kayla, Sheri, Rachel, Anthony, and Brenda!!

On April 10th we will have our first baptismal celebration of the year.  We will have baptisms in all three services – 9:30, 11:30, and 5:30 p.m.!  If you have been thinking about getting baptized – here is your opportunity.  It will be a great day of celebration!!  If you are interested (and we need you to respond soon so we can make all the necessary arrangements send an e-mail to

Last year we met at the YMCA for our baptism celebration.  Here is a video Doug Harsch put together of last year’s baptism:

This Sunday is one of my favorite Sunday’s of the year!!!  Baptismal celebration at the YMCA!!!  One combined service at 10:00 a.m. It is always encouraging to have the WHOLE church together so you can see what God has done in our midst over the past year.

Doug Harsch put together this video from last year’s celebration.  Love it!

Yesterday morning at our 9:30 & 11:30 services we were blessed to witness 14 people give their lives to Jesus in baptism!!  It is always exciting and truly a highlight!

This year we have had the high honor of witnessing 52 people (and counting) get baptized!

So…to Melissa, Michael, Brandon, Toni, Patti, A.J., Kayla, Mitchell, Judy, Rebekah, Michelle, Kymmi, Patrick, and Jon...CONGRATULATIONS!!  We love you and we’re praying for you!

(Thank you to Doug Harsch for putting the video together…on top of an already very busy week…thank you my friend for your sacrifice of time)

On Sunday another 13 people have decided to get baptized!!!!  We met last night to talk about baptism, answer any questions, and go over the logistics of the morning (as well as instructions to not wear a speedo for their baptism…not because it is a sin, but because it is gross 🙂 ).  Very exciting to watch people make MAJOR life decisions for Jesus.  So, don’t miss this Sunday as we celebrate together one of the most ancient of Christian practices!!!