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Produced by the NorthPoint Church for their Drive Conference in Atlanta, GA.  FUNNY!


Posted: February 23, 2010 in conferences, Preaching
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What happens when a Pastor has too much time on his hands ūüôā

Introduced at the C3 Conference last week:

Of course I’m just jealous because I don’t have the hair to do this…but apparently the “Adam Lambert” look is becoming a popular look among worship pastors. ūüôā

Cultures are fascinating.  Even within the United States.  Clearly different cultures.

I’m at a church conference here in Texas. ¬†They have about 30 greeters at the entrance full of Texas energy, enthusiasm, smiles, vibrancy, bubbly, etc.


I just want to punch them.

See…at Living Stones Church (Northern Indiana culture) if you make it in the building without getting flipped-off…you know it is going to be a good morning. ūüôā (this is a joke)

Headed to Dallas

Posted: February 17, 2010 in conferences

I’m going to the land of Texas. ¬†I’m about to drive to Chicago and catch a flight to Dallas to attend the C3 Conference (thanks, once again, to the generosity of Jim Counts, Sr.).

I’m looking forward to seeing the fashion that is on display with pastors in the land of Texas…the hair (I’m only jealous because mine is falling out and no amount of gel is going to disguise that); the shirts (rhinestone never goes out); the pants (I will verbally assault a dude if he is in his 40s, a pastor, and wearing “skinny jeans”); and the computers (which since I know have a Mac…I should be invited to the special luncheon).

It is a good time. ¬†Even though I’m surrounded by 1000s for some reason I enjoy my time because I’m at ease to be surrounded by others, or to isolate myself and get some time to think and reflect. ¬†I’m hoping to learn some things for the sake of the Living Stones Church (they have a multi-site breakout I plan on attending). ¬†I hope to take good notes and eat delicious BBQ!!

The Story Conference

Posted: October 27, 2009 in conferences, Preaching

I’m here (thanks to the generosity of a kind individual).¬† I’m hoping by it to become a better communicator.¬† I’ve been entrusted with a very important story.

I’m on my way to Grapevine, TX for my annual trip to Fellowship Church’s Creative Church Conference.¬† I’m looking forward to the conference.¬† Thanks to the generosity of Jim Counts, Sr., and his wife, Lynn, I am well treated in this venture.¬† It is good to be in a different environment, setting, and context.¬† Helps me think better about Living Stones.¬†

Plus…I’m in for a lot of “preacher gawking.”¬† I’m in Texas.¬† I get a kick out of the hipster-dufus preacher look that is sported around these parts.¬† Before I go I need to stock up on hair gel and stylish glasses…maybe even a rhinestone shirt! ūüôā

Innovate 2008

Posted: September 18, 2008 in conferences
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Six of us from Living Stones Church attended the Innovate 2008 Conference put on by Granger Community Church today.  Always good to get away as a team.  Highlights:

  • Drama in¬†Mark Beeson’s talk that illustrated a church caught up in “church business” instead of the urgency¬†of our mission.
  • Loved the times of worship.
  • Shawn Wood of Seacoast Church had the second session.¬† Loved his introduction he made about¬†himself.¬† Very unique.¬† The key¬†to getting¬†a strange audience to like you is to make them laugh¬†by revealing things about your life.
  • Lunch at Chipotle.¬† They should move to the South Side of South Bend.
  • Went to the¬†Children’s Ministry breakout.¬† They are for spanking in the classroom.¬† I agree.¬† I can’t wait until Sunday (this is a joke).
  • Favorite talk today was by Tim¬†Stevens.¬†¬†He talked about¬†his book Pop¬†Goes the Church.¬†¬†He used some excellent¬†video illustrations.¬† They were brilliant.
  • Got to see a great friend and encourager¬†to me and LSC…Steve Miller.
  • Most of us stayed for the film festival where churches from all over send in their videos for a contest.¬† Some very good videos.¬† I still believe Doug should send in some of his videos.¬† My¬†12 year old son came to watch the film festival with¬†us.¬†¬†Making videos is his passion.
  • Kelly¬†endured the day with me even though she has an ear infection.¬† Had to leave a little early for a doctor’s appointment.
  • Tired.¬† We wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.¬† But I’m looking forward to it.¬†

Earlier this week I hung out at Rochester College for their Resource Seminar.  It was a good seminar.  While the attendance at the conference was pretty ecumenical (at least it was supposed to be), the hosts of the seminar are from Acappella Churches of Christ.  This is the tradition I grew up in.

The times of worship at the conference were all acappella…meaning no instruments…¬†(including a Taize worship experience on Tuesday evening).¬† I much prefer instrumental music…BUT…one thing that I am grateful for in being raised in acappella Churches of Christ is¬†being taught how to sing four-part harmony.

I actually have fun singing the old hymns acappella/four-part harmony.

I¬†HATE singing contemporary songs (at least most of them) acappella.¬†¬†They sound¬†terrible.¬† They REQUIRE instruments (in my humble opinion ūüôā )¬† But the oldies sung in four-part harmony…oh…it is fun!

On my way tomorrow morning to Rochester College’s Resource Seminar.¬† Looks pretty good.¬† Has some of my favorite authors/speakers/scholars.¬† Gordon Fee, Sally¬†Morgenthaler, Bob Russell, Randy Harris, Rubel Shelly, Kenneth Greene, and more.

While there, I will have my annual “go-see-a-movie-by-myself” (I don’t do that any other time), eat out by myself (again…rarely do that).¬† It is my engage with others and withdrawal into isolation mode time!

I’ll try to blog more while at the conference!