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Puerto Rico

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Deep Thoughts

After a lengthy period of reflection, I, Sam I Am, have come to the conclusion that Puerto Rico should be the 51st state of the United States.

I know 51 isn’t as simple a number as 50…and how you squeeze another star on the flag, blah, blah, blah…

But Puerto Rico deserves it!

Plus…I like to say “Puerto Rico.”  Go ahead and try it.  Don’t forget to roll your “r”s.  Don’t worry about what you will sound like to the guy in cubicle next to you.  Go for it!  Slowly –P-U-E-R-T-O  RRRR (hold it)-I-C-O!  Now doesn’t that feel good?

Who’s in with me?!  Come on people!

(Just another deep thought from Sam I Am)

I Long For The Day

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Deep Thoughts

I long for the day when Coke Zero takes over the world and Diet Coke is no more.

Just another deep thought from Sam I Am

Don’t You Hate When…

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Deep Thoughts

Don’t you hate when your hands are dirty so you go into the bathroom to wash them and then as you are all lathered up and washing your hands it dawns on you that you also have to pee.  I hate that! 

Just another deep thought from Sam I Am 🙂

Feeling Crazy

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Deep Thoughts

Today for lunch I got a Subway sandwich for lunch.

 And I’m not talking about a six-inch…I ordered a foot long!!!  Oh…yea…that’s right…

And I didn’t even get Chicken Teriyaki…it was A FOOT-LONG MEATBALL(with a little oregano).  I’m  wild and feeling a little crazy!!!!

Violent Vomiting

Posted: December 14, 2007 in Deep Thoughts, Personal Reflections

Rough couple of days in the Barrington household.  Wednesday night I began throwing up ALL night.  And I’m talking serious vomiting.  Thought I had food poisoning until Kelly started to get sick yesterday afternoon.  Not good. 

I’m a screamer when I throw up.  Seriously.  When I throw up…I shout it out…the whole block knows I’m blowing chow.  Alex, my six year old, confessed that she and my wife laughed every time I puked.  When I confronted my wife with said confession her response was, “You can’t help but laugh…good grief.”  So much for sympathy.

I hope no one is eating while reading this delightful post.  If you want I could describe the contents of the vomit 🙂

Panera Bread

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Deep Thoughts

Sitting at Panera Bread working.  Why do I always think clearer in Panera Bread than in my office?

But I have to pee.  Do I leave my computer and things here on the table and go to the bathroom and risk potential theft?  If you are driving by Panera Bread on Ireland Rd. and you have a quick second…I could use someone to watch my stuff so I can relieve the stress on my bladder.  I wonder if the guy next to me is trustworthy?  O.K….here I go… (to the bathroom…not in my pants) 🙂

Marquette School/Mayor/Common Council saga continues…

Food Network

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Deep Thoughts, Personal Reflections

Over the past two days I have discovered the Food Network HD channel.  What is up with this channel?!  I love it!!  In fact, I have forgone the Patriot/Bills game to watch Paula Dean’s Thanksgiving special.  She sort of has an obnoxious personality but everything she makes I crave!!  I love this channel!  Am I weird or does anyone else watch the Food Network (even over Sunday Night Football)?!  I’m still a man aren’t I?!?