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The best Biggest Loser contestant ever.  Love her!  Marci

where she’s at now.

NBC Producers this is on you.  I know that Arthur has been a sporadic player in his decisions and game play.  But this “shake up” between teams was totally unnecessary and unfairly penalized the weakest runner.  All wrong.  You don’t need to do this stuff.  Your show can stand on the drama of their work, life, and weight loss.  NBC – you should offer Arthur an apology and let him back on the show.  Not cool.

Is it wrong to hope that on the 2nd week of the new season of Biggest Loser several of the contestants without any explanation gain weight after exercising and eating healthy?  Because THAT would make me feel better today.

Oh…and then Jillian looks into the camera and says, “Don’t worry Sam I love you.  You’re the best!”


That dude is 5’8″ and weighs 507 pounds!!!  These are the largest contestants yet.  Wow.  Tragic stories going into the show.  First thing – the initial WEIGH IN!!

  • Austin – 396 & Ken – 377  (Brown team)  “We’re seeing the American family right now” – Bob.  Wow.
  • Courtney – 323 (she has already lost over 100 lbs.) & Marci – 238 (Aqua team)
  • Ana – 255 & Irene – 255 (Orange team)
  • Larialmy – 301 & Q – 437 (Red team)
  • Sarah – 261 & Deni – 256 (Pink team)
  • Arthur – 507 (he weighed 646 lbs. a year ago) & Jesse – 293 (Blue team)
  • Jennifer – 278 & Jay – 400 (Green team)
  • Olivia – 261 & Hannah – 248 (Purple team)
  • Kaylee 233 – & Moses (Tongan…Biggest Loser producers love Tongans on the show) – 440 (Grey team)
  • Dan – 287 & Don – 309 (Black team)
  • Rulon – 474 & Justin – 365 (Yellow team)

Next up:  1st challenge (running a 5K) to determine who gets what trainer.  Oh…and there is a twist (a secret already revealed) TWO NEW trainers this season.  If the contestants pick the new trainers they receive immunity for FOUR weeks.  That is pretty big.  Winners:  Yellow (they get one week of immunity) – followed by Grey, Aqua, Green, Brown, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, then Black.

Their decisions:

  • Yellow go with new trainers
  • Grey go with new trainers
  • Aqua go with Bob & Jillian
  • Green go with Bob & Jillian
  • Brown go with new trainers
  • Purple go with Bob & Jillian
  • Pink go with new trainers
  • Red go with new trainers
  • by default – Orange, Blue, and Black have to go with Bob & Jillian

Next – 1st workout.  Screaming, puking, panic attacks, falling off the treadmill.  Dear NBC – just show the new trainers already.  The suspense is now just irritating.

Final weigh-in:


Moses (Grey team) lost 41 lbs.!!! (10% of his body weight in one week…largest loss EVER)

Bob & Jillian’s team:

  • (Aqua) Courtney – lost 15 & Marcie – lost 14
  • (Blue) Arthur – lost 31 & Jessie – lost 7 (a little shocking)
  • (Green) Jen – lost 20 & Jay – lost 26
  • (Purple) Olivia – lost 16 & Hannah – lost 16
  • (Orange) Ana – lost 9 & Irene – lost 13
  • (Black) Don – lost 21 & Dan – lost 19

Orange falls below the yellow line.  Mom or daughter.  Note the mother didn’t pull a “Helen.”  She actually loves her daughter.  Ana (the mother) is going home.  She lost 50 pounds at home.  Cool.

The Biggest Loser tonight is the Biggest Loser producers for not introducing the new trainers.  Come on.  The build up is obnoxious.  You need us, as the audience, to connect to these two trainers and when we are irritated, it is hard to want to root for this fiasco of a “twist.”

I’m Into Health Food

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Diet

See…0 grams of trans fat.  It’s healthy.  Whew…I’m on my sixth.  Take that Jillian Michaels!!

A Picture of Heaven

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Diet, faith, Fitness

People often have questions about heavenWhat is it going to be like?  What will it look like?  What will we be doing? Etc.

I believe in a literal heaven.  I don’t believe it will necessarily be “streets of gold” or “mansions” etc.  Could be.  My guess is that those are metaphors that best communicated the awesomeness that is heaven to 1st century readers (these same metaphors might work just as well in most parts of the world).

So, let me contextualize for a moment with a picture of heaven that at least makes me want to be there!  These will be in heaven!!:

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers!!!  Eternity in bliss.