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Today we launched RECESS 2012!!!  Thanks to the generosity of the Living Stones Church we are looking forward to the next eight weeks with a bunch of students from Monroe School / Miami Hills apartments (we are expecting about 100 total).

Today went great!  Meredith Waltman (our RECESS Director) and her top-notch counselors and volunteers did an excellent job.  The kids had a blast and it was a successful first day!!

Another great thing this year is that we were approved for a grant from the government to make our own breakfasts and lunches. ¬†Last year we were approved by the South Bend School Corporation to be a free lunch site. ¬†It was a huge blessing to have daily meals supplied by the corporation. ¬†BUT – the quality of the meals were a little…you know. ¬†So, this year we have been approved for a grant that will pay us $5.31 per child per day. ¬†Multiple that by the number of kids in RECESS for eight weeks and we are looking at a potential funding of $20,000 so that we can make our own meals!!! ¬† This is a huge blessing!!!!

Finally, this past Sunday Living Stoners brought us over our funding goal by contributing $15,759.38 for RECESS 2012!!!  THANK YOU!!!


There are message series that I get excited about and then there are message series I get REALLY excited about.  This is one of those REALLY excited message series.

We kick off on Sunday, Father’s Day, June 17th!!! ¬†Men…there will be grillin’ going on with as many bratwursts as you can eat, a fantastic worship experience along with a message about King Jesus.

If you have a motorcycle, feel free to ride it to church on Sunday and we’ll give you some premium parking!

See you Sunday 9:00, 10:30, or 11:55 am!

Yesterday morning we had a baptism celebration. ¬†We baptized a dozen people (that is actually a preacher’s count…the true number was 11…preachers always round-up) in front of a crowd of 4657 (see what I did there? ¬†that is a big round-up).

It was a great morning.  You can check out the video testimonies of most of those who got baptized yesterday morning:

We like to have our children, who normally are back in Kid’s Kanyon for the entire service, join us to witness the baptisms. ¬†I had just finished a message on baptism explaining the what and whys of baptism when our children entered the room.

And then yesterday evening I got this Facebook notification:

I started to think about how terrifying it might be for a kid to watch the preacher dunk people in water without any explanation!!!  And then watch as everyone in the audience applauds and adds their approval!!

Note to self:  it might be a good idea to explain to children what you are doing in baptism before they see it.

To the Medors – should there be any need for therapy sessions for poor Seth to overcome his trauma, you can send the bill to the Living Stones Church. ¬†OR – if he grows up with an aversion to getting baptized, when he meets God – I’ll step forward and take the blame for it! ūüôā ¬†Just be thankful this is his issue. ¬†It could be worse. ¬†Rumor has it that our Children’s Minister’s [yea…I’m looking at you Amy Osterhout] child, after Doug Harsch invited everyone to stand and worship, yelled at the top of her lungs – “I DON’T WANT TO!!” ūüôā

This video is a physics demonstration using dominoes.

My prayer is that it becomes a working metaphor and illustration for the vision and mission of the Living Stones Church that begins in that little orange brick building that meets at 718 E. Donmoyer Ave.

After separating the two deacons who had come to fisticuffs in the lobby, I asked what in the world they were fighting about. ¬†They were both on different sides of the Great Living Stones Debate of 2012…fake-gold-plated offerings trays OR…chicken buckets. ¬†After five deacon meetings, three elder meetings, two congregational meetings, and a phone call to our church’s attorney about proper procedures from our by-laws…we’ve finally settled the Great LSC Debate of 2012 [all of the above is fictitious…like we have an attorney..pfft!…although what is sad is I can totally see this happening in a lot of churches I know]. ¬†What is true is that we switched offering trays.

Good-bye fake-gold-plated trays. ¬†HELLO Martin’s Supermarket Chicken Buckets!!

Martin’s Fried Chicken Buckets

Why Martin’s Supermarket Chicken Buckets? ¬†Because Martin’s has the best fried chicken.

I would not call us a “redneck church.” ¬†But we are a “Fried Chicken Church” and those fake-gold-plated trays are about the most highfalutin thing we have and it didn’t match. ¬†So, we’ve pulled out the chicken buckets. ¬†And I’m going to bet if you did some analysis you’d find that our tithes and offerings have actually INCREASED since we made this move. ¬†And do you know why? ¬†Who doesn’t have an impulse to give more to God when the receptacle used to collect such an offering is a fried chicken bucket? ¬†I rest my case.

I am now going to write a book for mega-churches on how they can make more money…based on my chicken bucket fact¬†theory.

A fancy-schmancy offering tray

It seems like every week I have to sign a form from a Probation Officer to verify that someone’s who is serving an “in-house arrest” sentence can attend worship at the Living Stones Church. ¬†I sign my name and write in the time that they arrive and when they leave.

When we were the Donmoyer Avenue Church of Christ I NEVER once signed such a form.

I like it better now.

A 14 year old girl at the Living Stones Church needs me to write her a pastoral reference letter.  Attached to the reference form was this letter of explanation.  In it she writes the following:

“It’s off-topic, but I feel I should tell you that out of all the pastors and church-leaders I have met, I like you the best ūüôā honestly, you always make me laugh, and the way you go off on tangents mid-sentence is endearing.”

This is how you schmooze the Pastor. ¬†This is going to be the BEST reference letter I’ve ever written.