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Metta World Peace (who is that you are asking?  That is Ron Artest…an NBA basketball player who changed his name to METTA WORLD PEACE…I think I would have preferred a symbol like Prince) is taking very seriously the Bible’s admonition in Ephesians 5:20 to – “always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Here, Metta, or Ron – thanks God that we don’t lose our baby teeth as adults.  I kid you not!  This is just priceless:

Welcome Back

Posted: July 25, 2011 in sports

Welcome back NFL!!!  Glad to have all of you uber-wealthy/greedy players and owners uniting on how to divide the loot!!!

Harold Camping had it all wrong.  He got all complicated and tried to use numerology and other mathematical techniques, plus a heavy dosage of quackery to explain when the end of the age was about to take place.

I’ve got a far greater fool-proof way to know.  It is found in the Sports section of your local paper.  In it, you will discover that the PITTSBURGH PIRATES are alone in 1st place in the National League Central division on July 19th, 2011.  The Pittsburgh pirates!!!  The team from Pittsburgh who can’t get anyone to show to their games.  THIS IS A SIGN!!!  THE END IS NEAR!!!  REPENT!!! 

And it also highlights just how sucky the Chicago Cubs are.  But I still love them (and Jesus does too).  Kelly and I are going to see one, maybe two if the heat doesn’t kill us, games this week at Wrigley.  But rest assured, as the game is playing, I won’t be watching the bleacher bums…I’ll be watching the horizon expecting Jesus’ return.

I still love my Cubs. Next year is our year!

Bears vs. Packers

Posted: January 21, 2011 in sports

sent to me by my dad…

I don’t know what it must feel like to be Elizabeth Seeberg’s father.  I can only imagine.  And in my imagination I picture a long prison sentence for myself (that is if I got caught).

Only within the past couple of weeks has anything really been public.  But according to the news, she is a Saint Mary’s student who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a Notre Dame Football player.  After the alleged assault she followed every protocol to report what had happened.  And what happened next?  Nothing.  Then, Elizabeth took her own life two weeks later.

The story just brings questions to mind.  Then this week someone sent me a link to this blog written by Roger Canaff, a prosecutor, that perfectly addressed the questions that should come to mind regarding this situation.

Here is a link to his blog post.  If you get a moment – you should read it.  If for no other reason than for justice – which at this moment – its desire must burn in the heart of the father of Elizabeth Seeberg.

(or another story expressing concern from the sports world)

As it Should Be

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Notre Dame, sports

[stolen from Rebekah Magers Facebook page]

Ostracization is a powerful tool!  Go Irish! 🙂

A Good Start

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Notre Dame, sports

Hallelujah a win!!!  Good start.  Caleb, my 10 year old, actually watched the entire game with me.  First time ever.  Looking forward to next week’s game against Michigan!

Excellent defense.

Dayne Crist I think will do great.

Field goal kicker was awesome.

I just can’t get into exhibition NFL football.  The game doesn’t mean anything.  They take out the starters very quickly (which I totally understand).  It just bores me.  BUT…


That all changes.  Now…it’s on.  For real.  Vikings vs. Saints!!!

And, to help you focus (and get to know other NFL enthusiasts at the church) – we at the Living Stones Church are starting a fantasy football league.  It is open to everyone 14 and over.  The cost is $5 per person (to help finance the brand new car we purchased for the winner & refreshments).

The draft will be Wednesday, September 1st @ 6:30 p.m. in the Quarry.  If you are interested email Jeff Gritton to register.

Winner this year will get a 1-year term as an elder and a 15 passenger church van. 🙂

The Dark Side

Posted: August 18, 2010 in sports
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From the 2010 ESPY awards.

It Was Just a Bad Call

Posted: June 3, 2010 in sports

[This blog post has “factual errors.”  🙂  (as do many I’m sure).  Please read “David’s” correction in comment section.]

There have only been 21 “perfect games” in MLB.  Only 21 no-hitters in the HISTORY of the sport.  Last night was almost 22.  Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game going into the 9th inning with 2 outs.  And then, a hit…and a TERRIBLE call.

What is amazing is the way Armando Galarraga handled the situation.  Pure class.  And what is even more amazing is the swift apology and total responsibility taken by Jim Joyce, the umpire who made the call (when does that ever happen?).  The dude was teary-eyed sorry and knew what he had done.

Jim Joyce is human.  He made a mistake.  What now?  I don’t want “replay” in baseball…the games are ALREADY long enough.  Can the commissioner overturn this?  Yes.  But what a dangerous precedent.  But man…it is HISTORY we’re talking about!!

Poor Armando Galarraga.  Poor Jim Joyce.  Go Cubs!!!! 🙂