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“Our present system penalizes experimentation and failure and doesn’t expect mastery.  This paradigm expects experimentation and failure and expects mastery.”  – Salman Khan

I’ve never been a fan of the ISTEP test.  I hate that the entire educational agenda and process (for teachers and students) now revolves around this one standardized test.  It forces every kid into a paradigm with no regard to learning styles, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc.  It denies teachers who have a passion and skill in a particular area to forgo their talent in preference to a stupid standardized test.

I found this yesterday.  It is about the Khan Academy.  I wondered what it would look like if the South Bend Community School Corporation abandoned their present model and adopted this as a new paradigm of learning and education.

I also found in the resources practical help for any student struggling in a host of areas of school (especially math).  Maybe you have a kid who needs some help.

If you have time to watch it (and I do because I’m on vacation 🙂 ), I highly recommend it.

Check out their website for over 2600 videos on various subjects:

Google Reader

Posted: May 30, 2007 in technology

I am not very technologically savvy.  I’m trying to remedy that by reading some different things and trying different things.  To illustrate exactly how far I behind I am…I just discovered Google Reader  yesterday.  It has been 24 hours and already I don’t know how I lived without it!  What a time saver!  If you read multiple blogs…stop clicking on each blog, go to Google Reader (or other similar software) and allow it to do the work!

Google Reader finds all new posts from all of my favorite blogs and/or websites and then sends them to me in one easy page – all in one click!!!