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I haven’t blogged about the Biggest Loser in a long time. ¬†I’ve been a loyal fan for quite sometime. ¬†And even though I have fleeting moments of temptation to drop the show, I keep coming back. ¬†I’m not really even sure why. ¬†I’m sure a psychiatrist could work with me to uncover some of the reasons and rationale for it.

I think out of all the seasons, this one is my least favorite. ¬†I think the contestants are the least likable (and I’m not saying that as to who they really are as people, but more in regards to the editing process of the show).

So – let me say to the writers and produces of Biggest Loser: ¬†PLEASE, for all that is good and right…familiarize yourself with this historic scene from Happy Days and let it be a warning and a lesson to where you are headed:

This was the moment! ¬†It was the turning point. ¬†Fonzi “jumped the shark.” ¬†And so did the show. ¬†It was so ridiculous that when it was over, everyone knew that Happy Days had stayed on the air far too long. ¬†The show had “jumped the shark.”

Biggest Loser – you are very close to “jumping the shark.” ¬†Particularly with the showcasing of Conda, and most recently Adrian & Daphne, in all of the drama and conflict. ¬†It is just unnecessary. ¬†New viewers are not going to tune into Biggest Loser because of the drama of personal conflict. ¬†It isn’t that good and other shows top you in the “drama” category. ¬†You might have loyal fans continue to watch, and even do so with peaked interest at the unfolding conflict (much like a train wreck you can’t turn away from), but you risk losing other fans who are exhausted in it and aren’t watching the show for relational conflict, but for what the show was supposed to be about – people turning their lives around through hard work and new habits of life. ¬†Don’t jump the shark!!!!

I was rooting for Adrian & Daphne. ¬†I thought it¬†unfair the first week when they got sent home within 15 minutes after losing the challenge. ¬†And how hard is it to break into a team that already has an established dynamic after a month’s time!!!? ¬†Very unfair. ¬†However, could Adrian and Daphne have handled the situation any worse?¬† Very unlikable. ¬†Good bye.

Side note for churches: ¬†You too can learn from Happy Days “jump the shark” episode in regards to your ministry, programs, leadership, and vision. ¬†There are a lot of implications for this principle. ¬†What are you doing as a church that “has jumped the shark?”

The best Biggest Loser contestant ever.  Love her!  Marci

where she’s at now.

NBC Producers this is on you. ¬†I know that Arthur has been a sporadic player in his decisions and game play. ¬†But this “shake up” between teams was totally unnecessary and unfairly penalized the weakest runner. ¬†All wrong. ¬†You don’t need to do this stuff. ¬†Your show can stand on the drama of their work, life, and weight loss. ¬†NBC – you should offer Arthur an apology and let him back on the show. ¬†Not cool.

Is it wrong to hope that on the 2nd week of the new season of Biggest Loser several of the contestants without any explanation gain weight after exercising and eating healthy?  Because THAT would make me feel better today.

Oh…and then Jillian looks into the camera and says, “Don’t worry Sam I love you. ¬†You’re the best!”

That dude is 5’8″ and weighs 507 pounds!!! ¬†These are the largest contestants yet. ¬†Wow. ¬†Tragic stories going into the show. ¬†First thing – the initial WEIGH IN!!

  • Austin – 396 & Ken – 377 ¬†(Brown team) ¬†“We’re seeing the American family right now” – Bob. ¬†Wow.
  • Courtney – 323 (she has already lost over 100 lbs.) & Marci – 238 (Aqua team)
  • Ana – 255 & Irene – 255 (Orange team)
  • Larialmy – 301 & Q – 437 (Red team)
  • Sarah – 261 & Deni – 256 (Pink team)
  • Arthur – 507 (he weighed 646 lbs. a year ago) & Jesse – 293 (Blue team)
  • Jennifer – 278 & Jay – 400 (Green team)
  • Olivia – 261 & Hannah – 248 (Purple team)
  • Kaylee 233 – & Moses (Tongan…Biggest Loser producers love Tongans on the show) – 440 (Grey team)
  • Dan – 287 & Don – 309 (Black team)
  • Rulon – 474 & Justin – 365 (Yellow team)

Next up: ¬†1st challenge (running a 5K) to determine who gets what trainer. ¬†Oh…and there is a twist (a secret already revealed) TWO NEW trainers this season. ¬†If the contestants pick the new trainers they receive immunity for FOUR weeks. ¬†That is pretty big. ¬†Winners: ¬†Yellow (they get one week of immunity) – followed by Grey, Aqua, Green, Brown, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, then Black.

Their decisions:

  • Yellow go with new trainers
  • Grey go with new trainers
  • Aqua go with Bob & Jillian
  • Green go with Bob & Jillian
  • Brown go with new trainers
  • Purple go with Bob & Jillian
  • Pink go with new trainers
  • Red go with new trainers
  • by default – Orange, Blue, and Black have to go with Bob & Jillian

Next Р1st workout.  Screaming, puking, panic attacks, falling off the treadmill.  Dear NBC Рjust show the new trainers already.  The suspense is now just irritating.

Final weigh-in:


Moses (Grey team) lost 41 lbs.!!! (10% of his body weight in one week…largest loss EVER)

Bob & Jillian’s team:

  • (Aqua) Courtney – lost 15 & Marcie – lost 14
  • (Blue) Arthur – lost 31 & Jessie – lost 7 (a little shocking)
  • (Green) Jen – lost 20 & Jay – lost 26
  • (Purple) Olivia – lost 16 & Hannah – lost 16
  • (Orange) Ana – lost 9 & Irene – lost 13
  • (Black) Don – lost 21 & Dan – lost 19

Orange falls below the yellow line. ¬†Mom or daughter. ¬†Note the mother didn’t pull a “Helen.” ¬†She actually loves her daughter. ¬†Ana (the mother) is going home. ¬†She lost 50 pounds at home. ¬†Cool.

The Biggest Loser tonight is the Biggest Loser producers for not introducing the new trainers. ¬†Come on. ¬†The build up is obnoxious. ¬†You need us, as the audience, to connect to these two trainers and when we are irritated, it is hard to want to root for this fiasco of a “twist.”

New Biggest Loser Season begins tonight!! Season 11.  Some of the largest contestants to ever be on the show.  I hope it a better season than 10.  Less game play; more hard work and inspiration.

I’m a Biggest Loser fan. ¬†If you have been reading Sam I Am for any length of time you know I usually have a weekly post dedicated to the show. ¬†But, I haven’t been in the mood. ¬†Honestly, I’ve not enjoyed this season very much.

BUT (and I know this is a day late) – I am captured by Ada’s story. ¬†She is a contestant this season who comes from a sucky family. ¬†When she was 4 or 5 her little brother drowned in a kiddie pool they were sharing. ¬†Her parents have blamed her for her brother’s death, and in frustration have verbally articulated that they wish she had died rather than her brother. ¬†When every other contestant got a video from home, her family couldn’t take five minutes to film one for her. ¬†During make-over week, they had to find a friend to be there for her because her family would not. ¬†So – in a nut shell – her family stinks. ¬†And she needs to say good-bye to them.

So, I’m writing her a blog letter. ¬†Maybe you are in a similar situation.

Dear Ada,

Good job on the weight loss! ¬†You are a beast!!! ¬†You are like the Tara of season seven who kicks serious butt – including all the guys! ¬†I’m sorry about your family and what they have said and done to you over the span of your life. ¬†When it comes to the handing out of families, you got the raw end of the deal. ¬†And I’ve been moved to see your pain in the midst of it.

Because of my devotion to Jesus, I thought I would offer that I think you could find hope and healing in him in regards to your family.  He sometimes had a crazy family too.  But what is most interesting is his teachings and treatment of his family.  He loves them.  He cares for them.  But he always de-centers them.  He never lets his mother or brothers (or anyone else in the family) become the ultimate in his life.  They are always penultimate.  He removes from them the ability to be his (or anyones) ENTIRE world and disarms them of the power to exclusively define who we are and the life we should live.

This is good news for most people. ¬†While families can be places of love and acceptance and joy – many (if not most) families are dysfunctional and claim a place of preeminence in the life of its members. ¬†It tries to define who you are (and often in very unhealthy ways…”you’re stupid”, “you won’t find a guy who will love you”, “you’re shy”, “you’re just like your father”, etc.). ¬†And in the end, the biological family can be the most oppressive and destructive place on earth (although it rarely intends to be).

The good news in Jesus is he insists on being the ultimate and the primary source of life and identity. ¬†The reason why that is good news is because it dethrones the family and puts it in its proper place of being second, or penultimate in life. ¬†From that position, one is free to love and appreciate the good things about biological family, but because it isn’t EVERYTHING, allows you to reject, dismiss, and repudiate those aspects of family that aren’t true.

You didn’t kill your brother. ¬†And it is good that you are alive today.

Jesus will remind you of those truths.  And it will set you free from the oppression of your family.

You’re doing great! ¬†Keep going!


Your TV fan – Sam

Least favorite season.

Working hard and losing weight.  That is the drama and attraction of the show.  It needs nothing else.  Come on Biggest Loser Producers!!!

I know this is THREE DAYS late.  And for some of my Sam I Am readers you may have been relieved Wednesday morning not seeing a blog post about Biggest Loser.

I watched it. ¬†I didn’t post anything because I didn’t feel like it. ūüôā ¬†I was moved by the stories. ¬†But I HATE when they show you three stories that are moving and then tell you that one isn’t going to make it. ¬†Now, I know that this is Biggest Loser and in the end, all of the “eliminated” might show back up or get a chance to get on the show. ¬†But it won’t be all of them. ¬†I hate hearing a story, being moved by it, rooting for them, and then it’s over. ¬†Then I just feel hacked off. ¬†And it is hard to watch a show where you want to be excited for two, but then are hacked off because one got eliminated. ¬†So I didn’t feel like it. ¬†Anyone else watch the season premiere? ¬†If so, anyone have any thoughts?

The new Darisamazing!! ¬†(Man I love this show!!) ¬†He is a good looking guy! (I mean that in a purely masculine way ūüôā ) ¬†Look at Daris’ girlfriend!! ¬†Smokin’ ¬†Well done sir. ¬†Well done.

If you eat dinner at 5:30 p.m. and stay up until 3:30 a.m. – you’re going to get hungry.”

The new Koli – looks good dude…I could do without the screaming though…seriously.

And the winner of America’s vote is – DARIS!!!

The reason, in my humble opinion, because America can relate to a 2 lb. gain and the admission of sabotaging and struggles at night!

Eric…season 3 winner…lost 150 lbs. (of the weight he gained back). ¬†Looking good!

Shay…$1000 for every pound she lost…she has lost…52 lbs. ¬†That is $52,000. ¬†A lot of money…but I would have predicted more. ¬†Jared from Subway is on the show!!!!!!! ¬†Wait…the check is blank, Shay & Jared are going to train for a marathon and if they complete it, they will double the check – $104,000! ¬†Eat fresh.

Maria…man…she’s a hot mom!! Not as hot as my wife, but she looks great. ūüôā [um…I just went to get a Coke Zero and when I came back…this was added to my post…hmm…who could it have been?]

Final Weigh-In for Eliminated Contestants:

  • Cherita: ¬†starting weight: 277 / Current weight: 186 ¬†( -91 lbs. -32.85%)
  • Victoria: ¬†starting weight: 358 / Current weight: 222 ¬†(-136 lbs. ¬†-37.99%)
  • Sherry: ¬†starting weight: 218 / Current weight: 119 (-99 lbs. ¬†-45.44%) ¬†[she looks like Helen…and she needs a haircut]
  • Maria: ¬†starting weight: 281 / Current weight: 167 ¬†(-114 lbs. ¬†-40.57%)
  • Patti: ¬†starting weight: 243 / Current weight: 170 ¬†(-73 lbs. -30.04%)
  • Stephanie: ¬†starting weight: 264 / Current weight: 165 ¬† (-99 lbs. -37.50%)
  • James: ¬†starting weight: 485 / Current weight: 357 ¬†(-128 lbs. -26.39%) [would not have guessed that]
  • John: ¬†starting weight: 484 / Current weight: 335 ¬†(-149 lbs. – 30.79%)
  • Melissa: ¬†starting weight: 233 / Current weight: 143 (-90 lbs. -38.63%) [still don’t believe her…”it was never about the money…” whatever…OK…get off the scale!!!
  • Lance: ¬†starting weight: 365 / Current weight: 237 ¬†(-128 lbs. ¬†-35.07%)
  • Migdalia: ¬†starting weight: 265 / Current weight: 213 ¬†(-52 lbs. -19.62%)
  • Miggy: starting weight: 240 / Current weight: 149 (-91 lbs. -37.92%)
  • O’Neal: ¬†starting weight: 389 / Current weight: 230 (-159 lbs. 43.87- %)
  • Sunshine: ¬†starting weight: 275 / Current weight: 161 ¬†(-114 lbs. -41.45%)
  • Darrell: ¬†starting weight: 413 / Current weight: 224 ¬†(-189 lbs. -45.76%) ¬†[wow!!! ¬†he did great!!!]
  • Andrea: ¬†starting weight: 298 / Current weight: 214 ¬†(-84 lbs. -28.19%)
  • Cheryl: ¬†starting weight: 227 / Current weight: 151 ¬†(-76 lbs. -33.48%)
  • Sam: ¬†starting weight: 372 / Current weight: 230 ¬†(-142 lbs. -38.17%)
  • Koli: ¬†starting weight: 403 / Current weight: 188 ¬†(-215 lbs. -53.35%)

KOLI wins the $100,000!!!!! Easily.  215 lbs. is awesome!!!  He is acting weird.

Three Finalist Final Weigh-In:

Daris:  starting weight: 346 / current weight: 178 (-168 lbs. -48.55%)

Ashley: [AMAZING] starting weight: 374 / current weight: 191 (-183 lbs. -48.93%)

Michael:  [WOW!!!!!!  THAT DUDE WAS OVER 500!!!] starting weight: 526 / current weight: 262  (-264 lbs. -50.91%)

I thought the rose was going to be for Ashley. ¬†I think Michael & Ashley are really in love. ¬†Just admit it already!! ¬†ūüôā


(sidenote:  Koli would have won the whole thing by % if he had not been voted out by America)