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Wow!! What a beginning.  Some of the heaviest people ever.  Four guys over 400 pounds.  The heaviest contestant ever, a woman, Shay who weighed 476!!!

This is going to be a great season.

Some initial thoughts:

  • I still don’t like the idea of picking teams with a group that feels so defeated to begin with.  Elementary school recess.
  • Love Bob & Jillian teaming up to train the contestants.  Love it!!  The contestants get the best of both worlds.
  • Having said that…Jillian Michaels scares me.  She should be a Marine drill instructor.
  • And then Abby…good grief…if they send her home I’m come through the T.V. and strangling an obese person.  She lost her whole family in a car accident.  Very moving (I’m not admitting I cried…but it is in the realm of possibility).
  • Tracy in the hospital for the whole week.  Crazy.  What does she have?  What happened?
  • I still want my family to watch this show…so I wish there wasn’t so much vulgarities.  One show last season and it just opened a whole can of…
  • Black team (Julio & Alexandra) below the yellow line.  Julio lost 13 pounds.  Not much given his size.
  • Alexandra paying the price for Julio’s low weight loss and is now going home.  Bummer.  She didn’t deserve this.  I think she has every right to be a little hacked and yet she still showed a good attitude.
  • I think everyone should get a pass the first week and no one should get sent home.
  • She looked great in the “what she looks like now” video!!  Right on…  oh great…now I’m curious who her crush is on (Dan?)

WOW do all of those contestants look great!  Did you see Heba?!?  Holy cow she looks like a different person!  Clear winner of the $100,000 at home challenge.  They looked great – Jerry & Coleen, Phil & Amy P. (they don’t even look like the same couple), Amy C. & Shellay (holy cow skinny), L.T. & Tom, Renee, Adam & Stacey, and Brady! 

Ed lost – 139 pounds.  41.49%

Vicky lost – 101 pounds 41.06% (Vicky did not win!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!  She will get no money!)

Michelle lost – 110 pounds 45.45%


January 6th – new season.  Bob is getting angry.  Man I love this show!

Favorite moment of the night…

Bob’s smug little blue team (even I was turning a bit on Bob) had great numbers and with only Michelle and Renee on the black team they needed huge numbers.  Renee pulled out a great number and it came down to Michelle who needed to lose 6 lbs.

SHE LOST 10 LBS.!!!!  My family and I nearly went through the roof in excitement.

Amy C. and Heba fell below the yellow line.  Hmmm…who do we think Vicky is going to vote for?

Result:  Amy C.  goes home.  I like Amy.  She did really well.  I bet she is wishing she wouldn’t have sent Coleen home now!

O.K.  America.  When you see this picture how do you feel?!  I KNOW me too!!! 

I sure like that Bob.  He is trying to bring his team back…but he can’t BECAUSE VICKY is still on it! 

Dear NBC, we love The Biggest Loser because it is inspiring and encouraging and allows us to cheer for EVERYONE who loses weight.  Really!!  Every week I find myself thrilled to see another person change their life and do well.  But now that you have introduced Vicky, I am actually routing AGAINST someone.  What is this?!  This is a new emotion for me in Biggest Loser.  And I don’t like it.  Can the Producers kick off Vicky!?

I have a hard time believing this is all a bunch of creative editing to make her look this way but in reality she is sweet.

Dear Vicky…Jesus loves you.  But right now I’m having a hard time following suit.


  • Michelle said “NO” to $5000…that is serious.  (plus she lost 8 pounds!)
  • YES!!  Giving one pound penalty to VICKY!! (my 6, 9, &12 year old just cheered)

Amy C…come on!!  I think she voted against black because she’s in love with Bob. 🙂

Anyone watch The Biggest Loser?

I don’t think I have ever disliked anyone more in any reality show I have ever watched (including Survivor’s Johnny “Fairplay”) than Vicky on this season’s Biggest Loser.  I have never seen such a small group of people turn nothing into something with such immaturity and pettiness (OK…that might be a little exaggeration…I have…afterall pastored a church for 12 years 🙂 ) as I have witnessed on the blue team with Brady, Vicky, and Heba.  Bob can’t admit it, but I think he doesn’t like his blue team.

When Amy C. flipped teams and voted out Brady, my living room erupted with cheers.

I am totally against a man hitting a woman – ever – for any reason – no matter what.  But if Phil would have smacked Vicky last night, I think I might have felt joy.  That can’t be right.  There is my confession for the morning.

OK…I’m not a fan of this season’s decision to split up families and send half a team home.  What is up with that?  They started the season as normal and then one week decided to split Jerry and Coleen and make them decide which one goes home.  And then last week they split up teams again and separate even husbands and wives.  Come on!!


  • Dudes swinging in the air on “ribbons” isn’t cool.  I don’t ever want to catch my dude friends rolling in a ribbon…or we won’t be friends anymore.
  • I want to get the doctor’s assessment too.  I wonder how old I am in “fat years.”
  • Allison just said, “Vicky just took a dump.”  I giggled.  (She fell into the water in a balancing competition).
  • Renee (black team) just totally killed on the balance competition!!  9 laps all by herself.
  • Vicky didn’t want to see a video of her kids?!?!  She is lame.  Please…kick her off the show!
  • Michelle’s dad…the bald head, big earrings, massive goatee…yep…that’s where I’m headed 🙂
  • If you’re not puking, you’re just not working hard.” – Jillian (the sadist)  Phil is puking!!  That is some excellent heaving sounds.
  • Don’t like blue team…at all (at least the Heba, Vicky, and Brady side of it).  I do like Bob though.  He should get another team.
  • Black team weigh in – Renee lost 7 lbs.; Michelle lost 7 lbs.; Coleen lost 8 lbs.; Phil lost 7 lbs. (total team loss – 29 lbs. and 3.20%)
  • Blue team weigh in – Amy C. lost 6 lbs.; Heba lost 5 lbs.; Vicky (in my head…gain five…gain five) shoot…she lost 8 lbs.; Amy P. lost 2 lbs. (crap); Brady lost 3 lbs. (total team loss – 24 lbs. and 2.09%)
  • Vicky is evil.” – Kelly Barrington
  • Voted out:  AMY P. (I’m not pleased).  

Presidential Debates are cutting into the normal Biggest Loser time…like what is more important for America…to vote for one of these two yahoos or to lose weight?!  Seriously.  Losing weight is the change we can believe in!

  • Vicky vs. her husband, Brady (brown team).  Man…she just turned on her husband (“he’s holding me back”) I’m rooting for Brady.  Not a fan of Vicky.
  • Shellay’s whining is tiresome.  I think Jillian is going to kill her.
  • I really like Amy & Phil (Tenacious D).  Good parents.
  • Reward challenge – care package from home.  Winner…(balancing on a moving bar while holding handle bars above head submerged in a decreasing pool of water)…after 107 minutes…Amy (purple team) fell.  Vicky won
  • Rough reward…tear jerker (I mean…for a lesser man than myself…sniff…sniff)
  • Shellay is still holding the treadmill.  Jillian just said, “Quit holding the treadmill or I’m going to punch you out.”  yes.
  • Jillian’s team didn’t do their “homework.”  Jillian is going ballistic.  Ouch.  “You guys aren’t cutting it…at all…compared to any other season…I’m sick of it…I’ve met the leaders…I’ve met the people who changed their lives…AND IT ISN’T YOU!!”  Amy (purple team) just got kicked out of gym.  WOW! 
  • No one goes home tonight.  Tomorrow…Wednesday special Biggest Loser for result.  To be continued…