Sons of Monarchy Series

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Living Stones Church, Preaching, worship

There are message series that I get excited about and then there are message series I get REALLY excited about.  This is one of those REALLY excited message series.

We kick off on Sunday, Father’s Day, June 17th!!!  Men…there will be grillin’ going on with as many bratwursts as you can eat, a fantastic worship experience along with a message about King Jesus.

If you have a motorcycle, feel free to ride it to church on Sunday and we’ll give you some premium parking!

See you Sunday 9:00, 10:30, or 11:55 am!

  1. Our message series will culminate on Easter morning with the vision of the crucified lamb and conquering lion- Jesus Christ our Lord! You will not want to miss worship this winter and early spring! You will especially want to be present in the early weeks as we build the base for understanding the whole book.

  2. Bethany Iron Cloud says:


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