Posted: June 21, 2012 in Children's Ministry, Living Stones Church

Do you know who/what was the biggest hit of RECESS Day #4?

Gary the Giraffe.

I kid you not.  Kids go crazy for puppets…especially…Gary the Giraffe.

  1. Sarah Wilken says:

    Gary is a rock star and he is making a list of demands before his next visit. He wants a Recess tshirt, a leather jacket, a thick gold chain with a money sign medallion and a case of Fiji bottled water. I suppose the church better get on that.

  2. the other ed says:

    Yeah, I agree. Gary needs some bling. Maybe some gold teeth in his grill or a zebra tattoo…Or a shirt that says “vegetarian for LIFE!”
    Also, he should get his horn/antlers/antennae pierced with a chain running between them.

  3. The Bishop says:

    Gary had his own Springbreak video just released entitled “Giraffes Gone Wild.”. It’s not suitable for a Recess-age audience.

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